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Planning looking for a Roleplaying is magic group

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looking for a group to try this out with and get a gm who would use the premade episode on the site using the the season 4 rule set.  


we can only have up to 6 players and a gm.


planing to do this over google+ because i don't like skype






1.) @









go here this was posted 2 by mistake


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Nah, i like to play. That and my dm style is more like, here i will be nice, then suddenly, all hell breaks loose. It allows for random encounters, thinks about the pothead water elemental and natsu drinking together. Trust me, i do not.think i should dm your game. If you want just plain weird I would have to look at the episodes, and then mid them to hell. Again, i doubt you want that. Also, a free alternative to googke+ is something called oovoo. Easy to use and on computer and mobile. Just a thought.

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