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Any Tips and Tricks on recording,mixing and more for Guitar?

Note Wise

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Hey there every pony, 


Recently I've been getting into writing songs on guitar, creating and/or adding them into my electronic music as another element. I've also been looking into making some metal/rock tracks as that's a genre I grew up with.


My question to all of you is, do you guys have any tips or tricks or anything you all can pass down?


Anything along these lines will be of great help;

-Recording and Timing

-Writing Riffs



(If you have something other please post it anyways! I'd love to hear it, there's were just the few things to come off the top of my head!)


If you're needing and example of how I'm sounding so far, here's something I've been working on for a while now. Keep in mind that it's just an intro to get an idea of how the track overall is going to sound.



Thanks for your time!

Note Wise 

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Man, this is a broad range of topics that we could discuss for hours. I've had to tackle most of them over the past few months of writing/recording with my band. Hit me up on Skype and we'll get your questions answered: nlr.information.minister

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When it comes down to mixing, Warren Huart has great videos on his thought process on songs with multitracks to follow along and learn from. I learned quite a bit of drums processing and other neat tricks from him.

Here's one from him on guitars. Of course, use your best judgment on your specific songs. Maybe you don't need to EQ anything or whatever else for your song and that's fine!

He has other tips on guitars (recording and mixing) but they're scattered about through shorts, interviews, retrospectives (usually with multitracks as well), QnA vids, etc. Definitely a rabbit hole to jump through.

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