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Save the "People"

Captain Marvelous

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Every week a monster is killed by Super Sentai for over 35 years. This is an outrage. We must put a stop to this heinous crime.



As a resident of the universe and activist for all life there within, personally, I am both SHOCKED and APPALLED.

These people who claim to be heroes of justice, go around killing various races of “aliens” or, as I like to call them “PEOPLE” on a weekly basis and I cannot stand for this anymore.

These racist, xenophobic hate mongers need to be stopped NOW.

As you people of this site, a race called Bronies, I know you believe in something called Friendship. Please, help us stop this terrible crime, please sign our petition. We must stop them.

Cause I'm really sick of monsters attacking this planet it takes time out of our looting.


Petition to stop the Super Sentai:

Captain Marvelous



Pinkie Prectar


XFizzle vi Equestria

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Thank you my Bronies (and pegasister?) together, I know we can stop this terrible crime.





I'm actually thinking of creating a video to parody those "help the ____" commercials... any idea for a kind of song to use?


You know, like that pokemon commercial.


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