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Mass Download?


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Is there some sort of a way to download all (downloadable) songs from pony.fm at once / in not-too-many chunks? I prefer having the music I listen to offline / on my phone, as I don't always have an internet connection everywhere, and also want to use the features of my music player (e.g. rating). Before my years-long break from the fandom, the MLP Music Archive was a wonderful way to do so, but as far as I can tell, that hasn't been updated since somewhere in 2014. The biggest download option on .fm I have found is to download an entire album at once, but at 1360 albums plus an inassessable amount of album-less songs, downloading every album would not only take forever, but wouldn't be complete anyway.

If an actual mass download of all files would overload the server (which I imagine could happen with that amount of music), an alternative could be some sort of list of which albums / tracks a user hasn't downloaded once yet.

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I am a code monkey, but as far as I can tell, pony.fm doesn't have an API, making the whole thing a lot more difficult :/ But maybe I can figure something out^^

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Okay, through some inspecting of the network traffic, I have found out that there is indeed an internal, but publicly accessible api, through which it would be in theory possible to get a list of all tracks and their download codes. However, before I built a little script that goes through 400+ pages, creates download links for 1000+ songs (which would of course be written to respect the "is_downloadable" setting of each track) and especially before I actually download all those songs, I would like to hear from at least one of the people behind the tech and servers (Which, I believe, would be @Feld0, NelsonLaQuet, and @Logic, according to pony.fm's about page). If I should do the api-request and/or download in chunks, e.g. "Wait for X minutes after every Yth request / download", that would obviously be absolutely okay.

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I wrote something like that a while ago and made a torrent out of it at the time.

Maybe I should publish the script, but of course it hits the server pretty hard so maybe not. Either way it's pretty easy to write if you really care.


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