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Any download links for any fanmade puppet rigs?


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Copying and pasting from Reddit, since I don't feel like typing and rewording things at the moment, but:

Don't know how to categorize this...

But it's just a small question. Or a request. Whatever. This is kinda rambly, so:

  • Specifically, it's not the Double Rainboom ones, I mean the ones based off of TiredBrony's bases, LSOH and MintyRoot's Dinky's Destiny bases.

  • I also don't mind just sending me links to each character, .zip files of various puppets would also be nice. I'm mainly just looking for pony rigs. (for my personal use)

  • I tried to search for any form of download link, also because I don't wanna go to DeviantART is just a cesspit. And I thought I could ask and see if I can get links.


That's all. Anyhow, here's the Reddit post, too. Not to advertise, but to source and kinda just... show that I did copy and paste text. Yeah.

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1 hour ago, Cash In said:

Hi @WannurSyafiqah74 :)

I'm going to be moving this thread to Stardom's Creative Resources, as it would be better suited there. Thanks!

Oh, okay, thanks for telling me! That's pretty cool how topics can be moved and still are retained, though.

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I still can't edit this thread?? :wacko: Well! I guess I can also say it's not just on r/mylittlepony, it's been crossposted to MLPLounge.

I also ended up finding subreddits with people that have made files for rigs they've found, which is nice. I mainly was trying to search for a .zip file Jerry441 made that someone linked here (it's on MediaFire), struggled and failed at the end (ended up finding only unrelated stuff). Not much I've found so far, though. But, whatever.

A bit of a tangent, but, that's all.

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