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In house compression software for Profile Pictures


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Hello, my name is Mr. E, I am new user to this site... So my suggestion should be taken with a grain of salt, but I do believe I have a valid idea on how you could improve your website, particularly the uploading of Profile Pictures and cover photos...

The file size limit for Profile Pictures is incredibly tight for those who cannot afford to donate and while I won't be so greedy as to ask for you to increase the limit, it is a frustration that I have to go find a third-party website to compress whatever stock photo I want to use as my profile picture (I like to use Stock Photos with the License CC0 to avoid Copyright violations and conflicts with other artists as I certainly can't draw or obtain the pictures I want otherwise...), usually I upload the image to their server and compress and add filters to it to make them workable without being too compressed and then re-download them and check the file size to later find out, it still doesn't meet the guideline and recompress it again...

It is sometimes rather time-consuming to do and a slight annoyance... While it is a major first world problem, I believe a simple fix, might be to allow for a on website way to compress a profile picture, maybe with a couple options like Auto-mode which could compress it until it meets the guidelines exactly, so if the guideline 210 KBs, it will be decreased to meet that standard by simply decreasing the resolution.

Or advanced mode, would let you pick a resolution and choose some filters like on my profile picture to keep it relatively smooth... If the image still doesn't fit the guidelines rather than doing it all over again, it will tell you to adjust the resolution and filters to allow for it to fit into said guideline.

It's not a feature that needs to be put in immediately, just a simple feature, that I think may be helpful to some such as myself...

Sorry if I wasted your time with this suggestion, I know it is a very minor issue to have with the site, but the site is soo good already, it's pretty hard to come up with anything really worth immediately fixing or changing or adjusting, something I thank the staff of this site for greatly, I would donate, but Money is relatively tight right now so I can't..

Well, I wish everyone who read this the best and I hope you all have a good day.

~ Mr. E.


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I don't think that's something they will ever consider putting time in developing themselves because it doesn't make sense. It would be a whole different endeavour for the small staff.

I know it can be a pain in the butt to make sure your avatar looks the way you want it and still stay within the limitations, but you only really need to do it once and then you're done.

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