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I Can't Edit My Own Character


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So, here's the deal.

Every time I try to edit one of my characters, 

the edit button does not show up. It may have to do with that he is pending second approval, but there are a few things I need to edit to get approved and I can't.

Anypony got anything on this?

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Allow me.

EqE characters are different than EvE characters, as we keep a close eye on them to maintain show-canon quality.  Because of this, the character creation process for an EqE character is somewhat strict... which means everything character-related has to go through the proper channels, to ensure that nobody goes back over an approved character and changes it after approval has been given.

EqE characters, for this reason, have to come OUT of the Approved Characters list and be resubmitted, if you want to make any changes.

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53 minutes ago, Heart Star said:

Question, how do I create one of those?

Head to:


And in the upper right corner click Add new eqe character:



Follow the steps and done. :)

If you can't see that button, then that may be due to the fact, that you're relatively new here. In that case all you'll have to do is to make some posts to raise your rank, which will unlock features for you.


Also keep in mind what Randi said above. There also is a character database with more "freedom", compared to the one in question. ;)

Hope that helps :derp:

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