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I’m back from the VOID


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How did you find MLP Forums?

the inter webs blessed me with this site at the press of a button

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Me and my step bro and I got bored

Ok I’m back and quite hesitant to put this on here cuz I’m not exactly new but old 

I am back and I will try to once again contribute to the community.


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Hi there and welcome back to us! Glad you came back to us. I won't give you the normal welcome that I give most others since you aren't exactly new. ;)

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On 7/15/2018 at 1:46 AM, Quinch said:

Hi there!

Why'd you leave?

What brought you back?

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Lol felt left out and unwanted but after 6 months of biking and social interaction I am feeling good

i was missing out on season 8

idk MJ at all

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