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Stickman, The Legend

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my SFM artwork here that i've made so far. I'm only gonna share a few, but I will update this with more as I make some.

The first one is called Hugging Jewel. It's basically my engineer hugging Jewel, as they're brother and sister.

Next up is Amalgam Crisis, the first of many artworks for it, though.This is us 3 meeting Inkfeather, a fusion of both me and Jewel.

And the last one i'll be sharing for now (At least until I edit this and add more) is called Infiltration. Me, Jewel, and Skystar are infiltrating a prison to break out an important contact.


Hugging Jewel.png

Amalgam Crisis Artwork 1.png


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Here's my latest artwork: Meeting Zon. I know it's not the actual model of Zon from the Secret Saturdays, but it'll be a placeholder until someone actually makes the model. If they ever do, ofc. But for now, here's us 3 meeting our prehistoric friend!

Meeting Zon.png

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6 minutes ago, Stickman, The Legend said:

Which one? Haha

I would say this one


Just so there's no misunderstanding. Are you the cowboy like man in red?

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