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Ask Ray Strike! :-D

Ray Strike

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Hola, amigos, I'm Ray Strike! :squee: And this is my Ask a Pony Thread, where you know...you can ask me anything heh heh.

Appreciate any questions at all! :yay:

There are one rule tho:

1) Keep questions on a SFW level

And If I was making a joke, I would end it like this "/joke" or "/j".

So fire away, chiefs! :eager:


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2 minutes ago, ExplosionMare said:

Pretty sure that counts. How far away can you teleport?

I have no idea tbh. Maybe like idk 5 to 30 feet away or something? I wasn't exactly keeping tabs on math or measurement  :awwthanks:

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On 2021-02-22 at 10:58 PM, Will Guide said:

Ray Strike,

When you're not doing your usual occupation, what do you like to do for fun?

I prefer work. I don't have time for these silly stuff. :yeahno:


Nah just kidding. I don't do much but I do like cricket and karate and boxing and sometimes taking up dodgeball. ;)

6 hours ago, abrony-mouse said:

What are your hopes for the G5! The next generation of ponykind?

I actually approve them. :rarity:

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