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Ask Ray Strike! :-D

Ray Strike

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Hola, amigos, I'm Ray Strike! :squee: And this is my Ask a Pony Thread, where you know...you can ask me anything heh heh.

Appreciate any questions at all! :yay:

There are one rule tho:

1) Keep questions on a SFW level

And If I was making a joke, I would end it like this "/joke" or "/j".

So fire away, chiefs! :eager:


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2 minutes ago, ExplosionMare said:

Pretty sure that counts. How far away can you teleport?

I have no idea tbh. Maybe like idk 5 to 30 feet away or something? I wasn't exactly keeping tabs on math or measurement  :awwthanks:

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Ok, Imma have to go OOC for this.

If anyone still wants to ask Ray Strike (my OC) anything, this thread is still open but as of now, it seems barely getting traction. 

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On 2021-02-22 at 10:58 PM, Will Guide said:

Ray Strike,

When you're not doing your usual occupation, what do you like to do for fun?

I prefer work. I don't have time for these silly stuff. :yeahno:


Nah just kidding. I don't do much but I do like cricket and karate and boxing and sometimes taking up dodgeball. ;)

6 hours ago, abrony-mouse said:

What are your hopes for the G5! The next generation of ponykind?

I actually approve them. :rarity:

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