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Hi! It’s me!


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I loved it when I was younger and now I still love it!

Hi! My name is Dawn Glow, and this is my story.

A young Unicorn Named Callisto was in her cottage when she heard crying outside.  She listened for the sound which led her to the everfree forest. Scared as she was, she walked in to see what was going on. A small baby unicorn, with rainbow flowing hair and lavender eyes lay in the cradle. Even though she only just graduated in magic, she knew that she needed to help. She picked up the young unicorn and raised her as her own. She now attends Twilight’s school of friendship And loves to talk about her amazing world.

so… That’s me I guess! A attached photo of my mom is below


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Hi @Dawn Glowand welcome to these forums :squee:

I hope you have a wonderful time here :fluttershy: I couldn't help myself to notice you're also a fan of Fluttershy :yay: Always good to see more fans of her :fluttershy:

Here have some welcome tea as well :yay:

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F28880FA-CA83-4737-A58D-D69FC7056AD2.thumb.jpeg.c4a9af8636ddceb12e06fa5ffc5fbe1e.jpegI can’t believe how welcoming and kind y’all are!!! :kindness:
thanks! And btw Credit to SugarMoonPonyArtist for the OC’S. 

(Please note that pic of that pony below was my mom not me):please:

here is a pic of me below btw!


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@Astral Soul

OMG! Yes! I loveeeeee Fluttershy! :squee:

@Califorum Thanks! Nice to meet you too! :pinkie:

@DivineQueen1000 Thank you for being so welcoming! :Rara:

@Splashee  I am 100% so far!  MLPF  is the best mlp  platform! Especially because everyone is so nice!! :wub:

@TomDaBombMLP you are so kind!!! Twilight school of friendship is definitely a blast. I recommend attending lol! :P

@Midnight Dannyit’s so nice to meet you too! Those Fluttershy emojis were so cute! :eager:

@Courageous Thunder DashOh thank you! :catface:

@Ocean Breezehi there!!  I love the forums!!:mlp_icwudt:
@Rikifive i’m so happy to be part of the herd! Yay!!! Thanks! :please:

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