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  1. *Lurks around* :-D

    When you gonna fix that larger telescope in the barn?

  2. I would rather die, than live as I am not. 

    Only a dead fish goes with the flow.

    1. Tacodidra


      I agree, being yourself is important! :rarity:

  3. Today was a good day. Shortened classes despite my headaches, and I managed to talk to a girl in my study hall, if for a short while. The pep rally thing was really fun, I never felt so nationalistic in my entire life.

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    2. Kind Claw

      Kind Claw

      Question: Is Chancellor Neighsay still your favourite pony since he flipped his script so to speak lol

    3. Califorum


      No idea. @Kind Claw

      What are you talking about?

    4. Widdershins


      Hey! Good to see your good, Moondancer! Ain't checked in on you for a while! You, uh, wanted to talk about your characters again? Sorry, been at a new job & you ain't got it set up where I can pop in wit' me own status-update-message thingie!

       Aye, that's the thing about socializing, I feel. Pick up on what can be picked up. If they feel their time is better spent fiddling with their phone... eh, let 'em. Pay attention to those that seem to actually want you invested.

        ...and what's "nationalistic?" I haven't been "patriotic" or had "School Pride" a day in me life! Loyalty is a person-by-person basis, if you ask me.

  4. Happy birthday, my dear friend

    1. Hierok


      Thank you, my friend! :twi:

  5. In my german class we were doing a game where we passed a ball around or something and one of my friends threw the ball, accidentally hitting my balls and I didn't flinch or make a sound, and Emma, one of my crushes seemed to be filming or taking pictures of me. I have a feeling she was sharing it with others, which is something I will absolutely not accept.

    I did not have a good day, if she does this again, I will call her out infront of the class.

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    2. shyabetes3939


      Oh crap, sorry! That really sucks! You know, if Emma was taking pictures of you, then I'd say she's not worth crushing on.

      Hopefully tomorrow's a better day!

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      I'm really not a fan of when people do that either. I suggest confronting and telling her that it's not acceptable, as you don't like it. 

    4. Rixton


      These thing makes me feel sad, seeing how cruel some can be.
      I don't know the laws at your place, but I guess you have the right to ask data deletion, and if it is refused call bigger retaliations.

  6. My new flashlight came today, my square one. It's a Bushnell T300L HD flashlight. A bit smaller than expected but it is pretty hefty in build quality, I like how it has a red light around it for one of the buttons, and is alot brighter than I thought it would be. It's amazing.

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    2. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear that! :yay: Based on images I found, it looks quite nice! B)

    3. Cash In

      Cash In

      Sounds pretty swell ^^.

    4. Don't Spy on Me

      Don't Spy on Me

      I have two or three Bushnell flashlights! Super high-quality! c:

  7. It certainly would be, if we had more people.
  8. Califorum

    Mega Thread What MLP Forums Members do you admire?

    I won't play favorites, I like most of everyone here. Most...
  9. Califorum

    General What's in your action figure collection?

    I have some transformer figures. Of decepticons mostly, Thunderhoof, Steeljaw, Clampdown, Springload, Megatronus. I also have one of Optimus Primal, and a figure of Captain Kirk, aswell as Waluigi.
  10. The same thing as I am doing now.
  11. Califorum

    Sickness and ponies

    When I am sick I do literally nothing related to MLP, I couldn't care less about it.
  12. Califorum

    Planning Seeking RP Partner(s)!

    I'd kind of like to use one of my characters if you don't mind. I don't RP ponies, I RP humans.
  13. Califorum

    Open The Open Space

    @Quinch The stranger flew into the castle in mid daylight, running down the halls, eerily silently as she took various things. It didn't matter what she took, as long as it looked important which some things did. The important looking things were stolen via a red portal, she just kept going throughout the entire castle, avoiding anyone inside though before leaving into the town inconspicuously.
  14. I had a dream where my grandma owned this log house cabin and people were remodeling it, Cali (One of my crushes) was there and so was I. My high school's 'dean of students' person was there too, sort of telling people the rules and stuff, Cali got onto this sort of like saw thing and cut the wood above her by moving back and forth in the air.

    In another dream there was some business man dreaming about his love, who was somewhat cold and blunt, she had black hair, and as he was thinking about her it sort of faded to a scene where he was shaving with a business suit on, with intentions of taking over the company some day.

    In another part of these dreams there was this alien who resembled a jellyfish, but with bones who walked instead of swimming. Jonathan Archer, the captain of the NX-01 enterprise in the 2000's star trek show time traveled somehow and the alien experimented upon him, and he died where another alien tried to find evidence of his time traveling.

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      Interesting indeed - especially the alien you mentioned.

    2. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      Meanwhile, I had a dream where I burnt my toast... I'm bit jealous of your dreams :-P