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  1. Ask Luna

    Oh! Yes!! I use 24 hour time, so keep in mind how early I wake up lol.
  2. Ask Luna

    Oh yes I do. I tell them to all of my friends, perhaps you would like me to tell you of them too?
  3. Ask Luna

    What do you think of my dreams?
  4. Interpreting Cutie Marks

    The first one has something to do with that, though it is not exact. He protects others, but also fights the forces of 'evil' brutally and quite violently. The star in the middle with the arrows represents flowing emotions, flowing hatred and spite. The fire is the flame you feel when you feel such things. The flame that takes over your thought. The chaotic nature of the fire indicates the chaotic nature of emotions. Invidas prefers to use emotions rather than thinking or feeling, and when he is angered he is very violent and intimidating, on the 'good' side though and will do anything in his power to protect his friends and those that are innocent against the forces of evil. He's the spirit of Spite/conflict/war/something. His appearance. Spirits have the ability to merge with others, basically possessing them. He is with the alicorn of fall. Now this one. The wisps are actually light being drawn in to the dark vortex. Darkness is something that consumes the light, drawing it in and spreading. It is the cutie mark of my alicorn of Darkness. He focuses on dark magic and corruption, sneak attacks and the like. With an army of dark shadows that creep along the ground and feed on ponies fear and hatred. He is very adapted to the dark times in life, which he may also symbolize. His coat is a dark brown, dark yellow eyes with a white sparkling mane. His name is Lord Umbrantos. However, in a recent roleplay he was turned into a little alicorn filly with no recollection of his past.
  5. thanks for follow me :fluttershy:

  6. Goodnight all, sleep good!

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    2. Leere
    3. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Alrighty then~! Have a good night's rest, my dude~! :grin:

    4. Wannabrony


      Goodnight and sleep well! :) 

  7. Interpreting Cutie Marks

    I have 2 cutie marks here. I won't tell you of their characters and such until after you interpret them. I am interested to see what you will come up with.
  8. It feels like just yesterday the school started. I thought I'd never reach the end so fast, but the past is the past. Really what have I accomplished this year? What have I done? It's been boring for the most part with the few good moments here and there. Just doesn't compare to last year or the year before though. The winter went by fast too. Just like...did it really ever happen? Does anything ever happen? Is it just...thought up by myself in a void somewhere? It's just amazing how time flies. 

    2 weeks of school left, ending on June 11th officially, then the exams afterwards. Goodbyes are the hardest thing to do, but the positives here are something to be said too. No school work, more sleep, more time to myself. But, I will only be with myself and my parents irl for these 2-3 months. But eh...I guess it's fine? Still have next year though, and some more after that. But it just doesn't make up for the lost time. Really most of this year was trash, as in boring and nothing memorable. But I will say this:

    Some may view time as a predator that stalks us all our lives. But it's actually a companion that tells us to value others. Value our work. Value ourselves.

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    2. Califorum


      Your right. It's not like this year was horrible, but some moments certainly were. Just like any other. All I really care about are my crushes, for my friends and some teachers.

    3. Tacodidra


      I'm glad to hear it wasn't all bad. :kindness: When times are bad, the good things can really help us. :rarity:

    4. Califorum


      Indeed. I just...hate alot of people in my school lol. Annoying assholes, some of them.

  9. Welcome to the Salty Spitoon

    Pfft, who cares about the body. The mind is where it is.
  10. What is the last thing you said out loud?

    "Good morning." I said to my dad.
  11. Why do you choose life over death?

    This is my life. I will experience everything I can (within reason) before I eventually die. Nothing good comes from death. I like life.
  12. What Is Your Opinion on Occultism?

    I have a mixed opinion. Sure, some things are ridiculous and insane but some things probably have some form of merit. Some bad, some good. I guess.
  13. Updated 2 of my world concepts for my characters. Well for 2 of them.

    Galeria's many rivers and seas allow people to trade easily. This leads to a more peaceful way of existence compared to our earth. Fruits, vegetables, etc are in bountiful supply. Quite healthy and tasty, leading to them not eating meat. They are very social people and the entire planet is one big family pretty much, there is no internet besides for government purposes as everyone has enough sociability to go around. Busses here have 1 big long bench going around the wall with a large table at the center. Allowing people to be social in public transits, this also applies to cars, planes and such. The government enforces the law, and carries out other minor things but other than that people believe what they like. They don't fight each other about it. Money is also not a thing here, everyone has what they need. And if you want something, you work for it. People are also very fit and in shape, both in mind and physically. Towns and cities are much like that of ours, though pollution and trash is nonexistent. Everything here is environmentally friendly for the most part. Seas, lakes, ponds make excellent areas to hang out with friends and socialize. This whole 'one big family' and the social aspect means these people have advanced much more quickly than humans. It's now 3 times the mass of the earth, and 70 percent larger in size. 21 hour day. 2% more gravity than our world and is in the same orbit as the main gas giant, held there by it's powerful gravity.

    Orbital map, the smaller circles are the orbits of Galeria's moons, while the larger ones are the moons of Tenash. The gas giant. I wager that it's going to be really easy to colonize them.


    The planet itself, with Tenash and some of it's moons. The brightest stars.


    Around 3/10th the mass of our world, Verishade is a world of lower gravity. 70% of earth's gravity. There is one continent, and one land only. The early civilizations of the world competed and fought for resources. Any ships that were sent into the great Abyssal ocean that surrounds this land were lost. No other lands could be found. Eventually the people here agreed to stop fighting as it was damaging their tiny world and united under 1 system. People here are not allowed to have more than 1 child, as it would cause over population issues. There are many cities here, where building straight up into the sky solves many of the land area issues. People here are fascinated by life after death, and make many attempts to understand it. The great ring system of this planet shades the planet. Hence it's name, long periods of darkness are caused by the rings. Imagine winter. Now make the sky darker by a shadow. Thats a winter here. Cold, and harsh. People band together to keep what they have during these times which are hard ensuring a family bond. However they aren't really as social, many preffering to keep to themselves. Corruption in governments is an issue, but it isn't as major as our world. Peace through scarcity.


    During winter, the brighter parts are where the shadows strike across the atmosphere at a different angle. 



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    2. Califorum



      You will get there, @The Recherche

    3. Wannabrony


      Sounds complicated, but really cool! :P Incredible detailed, too! Great job. :)

    4. Califorum
  14. Request Shop Free Icon request game! .:CLOSED:.

    Wow, I didn't actually think I would get it right. But, thank you very much! I look forward to seeing what you will make of my request.