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  1. Very few people I trust. Very few I consider true friends. Might be more than I think but still. I owe it all to them. I don’t know who I would be without them. 

  2. @Lazy Ferret ”I am into rocks, minerals, plate tectonics, geology but as for the clay it is obviously more recent but the condition of it portrays that it is a few centuries old due to the cracks and erosion.” Maud replies in a monotone but calmly.
  3. @Lazy Ferret Maud stepped forward slightly. “Yes, you can.” she said before looking Ripple over aswell. Maud thought it was...comforting that someone took interest in her ideas. Yet her monotone expression made her an enigma.
  4. @Lazy Ferret Maud nodded to her first question slightly. "How a rock looks is how it was made in the past, treated with its environment determines its appearance. Its age can be inferred upon based upon that." she stated.
  5. @Lazy Ferret Maud walked closer to Ripple Twist. "My name is Maud Pie." she said to her, slightly looking at her with an eyebrow raised but only slightly. "Rocks can tell a story that of which is mostly forgotten." she picks up a rock, inspecting the cracks on it. "This one was formed around 1500 years ago."
  6. @Lazy Ferret She would set them down before walking on over to the ruins. She focuses on the rocks surrounding the ruins and provides an almost exact date to the ruins itself. To add she says, "There is more history than the ruins." she said, holding a rock and looking at it.
  7. @Lazy Ferret The grey earth pony mare was inspecting the rocks carefully before slowly turning to look over at Ripple. She seemed almost emotionless as she looked to Ripple there before saying, "Looking at the rocks." in an almost deadpan tone, one lacking emotion. It wasn't...cold, it was just emotionlessness. She blinks a few times as she looks to Ripple.
  8. @Illiad Easle Cali understood now. She wasn't exactly sure when to do it, maybe she had been lost in her thoughts or the battle itself. Cali's form turns into a spider like form that raises a barrier around itself when contracting down onto Twilight. Twilight could only see pitch black when contained and the spider-like thing moved towards the castle, when all was said and done Cali preformed various shapeshifts and alterations to her form to be able to get through the door. All with the attempt to pin her to the table. While doing this, she was aware of Twilight's attempt to drain it off a
  9. That is the reason why I kinda find some areas of the show lacking. I want more than just that.
  10. @Loud Opinion Alrighty, stay safe.
  11. Califorum

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Magnolia stayed close to Zeehva. It took her a little bit to realize that they were suddenly somewhere completely different. The shaking and crying mare seemed to calm down slightly with the pets. She looked up into Zeehva's crying eyes with tears of her own. She never felt what she is feeling now. A connection to someone else. They are sort of similar after all, yet they took differing paths in life but yet they find themselves in such an embrace as this. Magnolia enjoyed the strokes and in turn she rubbed Zeehva's legs slightly with her saturated white-hooves. Now that the
  12. I had a really crappy experience with a teacher today. That class is pointless to me as I understand the basics, personal finance. I was talking in the chat with some other students about how on wednesdays we don't have school or work and for some reason that pissed the teacher off and she told us to stop talking. Later I said that me having pets was a needless expense for me and the teacher basically flips out on me and everyone. What a douchebag. Will not miss that teacher or class when I graduate.

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    2. Califorum


      Thats basically abuse.... @Emerald Heart

    3. Yoshi89


      Argh. There's one like that in every school.

    4. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      My apologies, friend. I wish you were having a better experience. :blush:

  13. @CloudMistDragon Would be more interesting for the show to be shades of grey you know. A crocodile hunts and kills animals, then consumes them. It isn't evil. It needs to survive, that is what Chrysalis is to me. And what hunter or predator wouldn't enjoy the hunt, either? It's something you must do, so why not take pleasure in it like Chrysalis does?
  14. Very interesting. I love your profile picture by the way.
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