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  1. Even though I am not really a fan of equestria girls, I thought this one was alright, with a different type of villain.
  2. Ask Califorum

    Worse off, obviously.
  3. Ask Califorum

    My favorite one is Star Trek the Next Generation. My favorite is Star Trek generations, its morals, its values it has taught me. Thats scene where Picard and Kirk meet never cease to make me feel powerful emotions, and when Kirk dies I can't help but break out in tears.
  4. Ask Califorum

    Haven't watched it in years though it was pretty good. I like star trek movies they are my favorite.
  5. Ask the Mane 6

    Haha, very true! If this were the case I'm sure she'd appreciate it!
  6. Ask the Mane 6

    Haha, well my advice for that is to help her with that I guess. What would you do if you found Chrysalis in your barn, injured, would you help her?
  7. Ask the Mane 6

    I think the same tbh even though I talk like one, sort of. What do you think of Starlight?
  8. Ask the Mane 6

    @Sparklefan1234 My grandparents on my dads side were farmers, like you. What do you think of 'city' people?
  9. Movies/TV The Land Before Time Fan Club

    Oh I remember that movie, I remember crying during it lol.
  10. Ask Luna

    I see, I see. Any rumours of your parents? You and nightmare are the 2 sides of the same coin, like how you see a beautiful mountain peek, which hides the inner volcano inside, slowly and slowly rising to it's top...
  11. Oh hi there! ^^

    Even though I'm a little later here I will say, welcome to these forums! I hope you make alot of friends here!
  12. Ask Califorum

    Oddly enough it doesn't come from one of my characters (Cali). It comes from one of the planets I made, in the Andromeda galaxy. It is inhabited by many humans and another of my characters, Hannah. Time powers, for sure. That way I could make myself live longer and time travel!
  13. Health What Gives You Strength?

    For me its the friends around me who help me when I am in need and my pride.
  14. Ask Luna

    Oh hello there, Luna. What do you think of Celestia?
  15. Ask the Mane 6

    *Evil grin* Haha, she's too prideful sometimes, isn't she Fluttershy?