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Request Shop I’m bored and wanna draw ponies.<3

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(Sorry it took so long to respond; I've been busy.)


From my FimFic tale:

Just like that, there was a unicorn standing behind Cupcake, a solemn look of duty on her muzzle. She was appropriately bookish, with huge-lensed glasses on her muzzle, and had a look on her face that could have made a Manticore slink away behind the trees in reproach.

This is a librarian; her mane is up in a bun, she wears thick glasses and her tail is neat and proper.  Her coat is a drab tan, and her mane and tail are brown with a single strip of grey.  Her cutie mark should be a heavy book with a padlock on it.

I'm most pleased you'd at least give this a look over, and I thank you for your time.  *bows humbly*


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Thanks for the great reference. Your oc is so cute! Had a blast drawing her.  

Here you go 😊.  

The fact that you are simply doing this for free and out of boredom blows my mind. Your work is phenomenal.  I wouldn't mind getting a Kyoshi drawing from you at some point. Of course only when you a

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On 2021-06-08 at 3:52 PM, Sulfur said:

What kinda hair style, color where you thinking of? Also do you want the coat white?

Either a small top knot or just very short. Maybe with a headband or douli at your discretion. OH! And maybe his tail is wrapped in a long Jet Li style ponytail. At your discretion.


The coat color can be white. Especially since his name kind of demands it, but I'm willing to let you decide on another if you think it would be better. Just so long as it's an earth pony, "earthy" tone color.


Thank you for asking or even considering.

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On 2021-06-05 at 9:11 PM, SuriPolomare said:

If you wanna take another request, you could draw Coronal Flare here, she has golden / yellowish eyes.


Her hair gave me some trouble but I think I got it in the end xD




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