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Rank Every Season 2 Episode From Favorite to Least

Lone Traveler

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Episodes to rank:

The Return of Harmony
Lesson Zero
Luna Eclipsed
Sisterhooves Social
The Cutie Pox
May The Best Pet Win
The Mysterious Mare-Do Well
Sweet and Elite
Secret of my Excess
Hearth’s Warming Eve
Family Appreciation Day
Baby Cakes
The Last Roundup
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Read It And Weep
Hearts and Hooves Day
A Friend In Deed
Putting Your Hoof Down
It’s About Time
Dragon Quest
Hurricane Fluttershy
Ponyville Confidential
Mmmystery on the Friendship Express
A Canterlot Wedding

(Copy and paste this list into this tool: https://czeckd.github.io/preference-revealer/dist/ )

My ranking:

1: Hurricane Fluttershy
2: A Canterlot Wedding
3: Sweet and Elite
4: Lesson Zero
5: The Last Roundup
6: The Return of Harmony
7: It’s About Time
8: Sisterhooves Social

9: Mmmystery on the Friendship Express
10: Putting Your Hoof Down
11: Luna Eclipsed
12: Read it and Weep

13: Ponyville Confidential
14: Secret of my Excess
15: Family Appreciation Day
16: Hearth’s Warming Eve
17: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

18: Hearts and Hooves Day
19: A Friend In Deed
20: Baby Cakes
21: The Mysterious Mare-Do Well
22: May The Best Pet Win

23: The Cutie Pox
24: Dragon Quest

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FIM on full, personality-drenched stride:
1. A Canterlot Wedding
2. Luna Eclipsed
3. May The Best Pet Win (please don't come at me with a PETA spiel, when the animals are canonically capable of understanding what's up and refusing)
4. MMystery on the Friendship Express
5. Family Appreciation Day
6. Return of Harmony
7. Ponyville Confidential

How to make the pedestrian A-grade lovable and fun:
8. Sisterhooves Social
9. Hearts and Hooves Day
10. Baby Cakes (Whip-crack timing with an essential kids message. Fight me :P)
11. Lesson Zero

Just one more draft - you were right there!
12. Read it and Weep
13. Putting Your Hoof Down
14. Hurricane Fluttershy
15. The Mysterious Mare Do Well
16. Sweet and Elite

17. Hearth's Warming Eve
18. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
19. The Last Roundup

Almost as fun:
20. It's About Time
21. The Cutie Pox

Redeeming factors, not the worst...
22. Dragon Quest

Half good, half cringe-inducingly terrible:
23. The Secret of My Excess

Forgot the part where Pinkie doesn't turn into an obnoxious, pointless load for no reason:
24. A Friend in Deed

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