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  1. Season 5. May not be the most consistent, but it has some of the highest highs of the entire series.
  2. Season 8. The second-most consistently good season of the show that improved quite a bit from season 7.
  3. Season 9. The only season without a terrible episode, the most consistently good season, and an excellent ending to the show.
  4. Season 7. Glideance, Perfect Pear, Shadow Play, and the start of much-needed consistency.
  5. Season 2. A lot of great episodes to start, but tapered into just good (minus HF) afterwards.
  6. Season 1. Beginning was very rough, but after Winter Wrap Up, it improved a lot.
  7. Season 4. Goes from good to mediocre or bad, never truly got going, and had a long, ignored arc of Twilight trying to find her place as a princess.
  8. Season 3. A good four-episode streak from Magic Duel to Apple Family Reunion surrounded by plenty of mediocrity and the worst episode of the show (One Bad Apple).
  9. Season 6. When it good good, it never got THAT great, but when it got bad, it was really bad. Many of the all-time worst episodes come from here.
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  1. Season 4. I honestly think this season is actually underrated, and easily the best season in the show by and far, no contest even from number 2 on the list.
  2. Season 2. A classic season that still holds up well to this day IMHO, and I've really sweetened up over time in my stance on the finale.
  3. Season 7. This season would have likely been better than Season 4, if the first 9 episodes weren't mostly mediocre and some even just straight up bad.
  4. Season 5. Really the 4th through 7th spots of this list are actually pretty close, but S5 is definitely the best I can say that.
  5. Season 1. Has a few episodes that definitely do not hold up, and some terrible episodes like "The Showstoppers" and "Boast Busters" mar it.
  6. Season 9. I have trouble here considering the fact I haven't seen all of the episodes yet. I'd say it has some great episodes, some bad episodes, but a lot of just OK.
  7. Season 6. A ways away from great or good, but bad? No. This season is frankly a little overhated and I think that it warrants a second chance.
  8. Season 8. Probably the most inconsistent season of the show to date. The episode quality was all over the place, but mostly meh at best.
  9. Season 3. Most of the episodes in this season are f***ing atrocious. The finale of this season is one of the few utter dumpster fires in the entire series IMHO.
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Season 7 lowered.
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What am I doing here when I haven't  watch the whole series 

Season 2-Despite what Mysterious Mare Do Well and the season as a whole completely started a dislike towards RD (with the exception of Hurricane Fluttershy) and Applejack is best background pony memes, but that was on the fandom at the time. I really enjoyed this season. I mean one the main things it did was improved Rarity as a character for me!

Season 3-This season being a short season, I can't say it had too many bad episodes. I mean there were some episodes I enjoyed, but they weren't terrible. Just okay at best.

Season 5- Okay I maybe quit watching the series after this season, but what episodes I saw mostly enjoyed with the exception of Princess Spike and Tanks for the Memories.

Season 1- This mainly falls under first season syndrome. It hasn't really aged well in my eyes. Still a pretty solid season.

Season 4-While I can't say it was a bad season. I mean like three my top favorite episodes. Though there was some episodes I didn't really enjoy. Some of them I going through some emotions so it made it hard for me to enjoy it and I can't say I remember them too much. With the exception of Rarity Takes Manehattan, Simple Ways, and Twilight's Kingdom. And the fact RD annoyed me this season. At  least season 3 gave me three episodes I didn't enjoy het, this season gave me no episodes to enjoy her in.

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1 hour ago, Dark Qiviut said:

ignored arc of Twilight trying to find her place as a princess.

I think that was intentional so that Twilight would be justified in feeling her role as Princess doesn't equate to much. TV Tropes calls it "They Plotted a Perfectly Good Waste" as oppose to the usual "They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot"

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  1. Season 2. More consistent and more ambitious but keeps the tone and style the show started with. 
  2. Season 1. Often pretty simple, and has some awkwardness early on, but generally charming.
  3. Season 6. Finds the show in an interesting transitional period where all of the characters were given a new angle, and yet mostly doesn’t take itself too seriously. 
  4. Season 4. More or less a logical continuation of seasons 2 and 3, but a bit less consistent. Has a nice balance between ambition and charm that would start to fade later.
  5. Season 8. Wildly inconsistent, but it’s a pretty dramatic change for a show that desperately needed it, and several aspects of the show were dramatically improved here.
  6. Season 9. Started off remarkably well, but continued the previous season’s inconsistency while also introducing some questionable attempts at finality.
  7. Season 3. Weirdly inconsistent for how short it is, and features a lot of gimmicks that don’t pay off. Plus its finale is wildly misguided.
  8. Season 5. Shifts focus away from the main characters slightly too often, and seeks to be a lot more emotional without providing much more nuance or substance than usual. 
  9. Season 7. Certainly different from previous seasons, but surprisingly rigid barring a few highlights. Lots of formulaic episodes that seem reverse-engineered from a simplistic moral. 
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  1. Season 5 - This season was just really well done in my opinion. It was so strong.
  2. Season 7 - Overall a very fun season with a lot of strong episodes.
  3. Season 4 - Hard decision between this one and 2. Both have some episodes that I would rather skip but i Have to give it to this season for some very high highs.
  4. Season 2 - This season really amped up the show. It would be hard to imagine season one and season two are only a year apart.
  5. Season 6 - Pretty solid, I know some people think it's the worst but I actually really like it. Starlight Glimmer reform didn't happen instantly which i'm glad then didn't do... and her character is still intact throughout.
  6. Season 8 - Pretty strong and consistent but I can't ignore the troublesome episodes.
  7. Season 1 - I feel that this probably isn't fair but it has the issue of being the first season. It's pretty good but the age of it's writing and ways shows as soon as season 2.
  8. Season 3 - I feel myself wanting to skip half the episodes in this season. I still like most of them to be fair.

I have not finished season 9 quite yet but it's looking pretty strong so far. It will probably end up being number two or three with me... could even take season 5 spot.

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Its really hard for me to rank the seasons, they all are good and the best ones are practically ties. I can rank them by average rank per episodes and by other means. 

So, if we go by average: s7=s9>s5>s2=s4>s6>s1>s3>s8

If we go by number of favorites per season: s7>(<if you count premier and finale part 1 and 2 separately)s9>s5=s4>(<if you count premier and finale part 1 and 2 separately)s2>s6>s8=s1>s3. 

Its so hard to choose between season 7 and 9, season 9 had the best premier and finale in the show and the best overall plot, while season 7 had weaker ones but the regular episodes are so good including my top 2 favorite episodes: A royal problem and The perfect pear. I just can't decide.:eww:

So seasons 7 and 9 for now are my top spot, both seasons are incredible with season 7 being more consisted(just slightly) with the 2 best episodes in the show while season 9 had the best arc and the best premier and finale ever plus amazing epilogue.  absolutely love both seasons, so good.

Season 5 is just barely behind them with the second best 2 parter(the cutie map, also top 8 episode in the show), some amazing episodes as crusaders of the lost mark, slice of life and amending fances are all top 15 at the very least with AF and COTLM are top 6. 

Season 4 broke some boundaries, it lakes all time great episodes(I love the finale but I think its overrated, its not that good, the best thing by far is the fight scene) aside flight to the finish and this one is contender for top 10 at best, but this season in probably the most consistent(although pinkie was written pretty badly for a big part of the season) I can't think of one episode I dislike, the closest that comes to mind is with daring do and while I don't like it but its not bad either.

Season 2 had some bad episodes, its definitely had more mediocre or bad episodes than seasons 4,5,7 and 9 but it has some gems to balance it out and the rest are good episodes too, so overall this season is the best of the first 3, and just great overall.

Season 6 has some great episodes and actually really consistent but this episode doesn't have a really outsanding episodes, my favorites are no second prances and every little tyhing she does, both are top 20(maybe 25) for me, although there are some other great ones.

Season 1 had the most decent episodes, with only one episode I dislike. So this episode had a lot of decent- good episodes with only 6 ones I consider great but 1 that I dislike. So, it was the safest season but its was a good base and I always enjoy coming back to these episodes(party of one id easily top 10).

Season 3 is the shortest and it suffers for it, the first 7 episodes are really good, but the rest fail to reach that level(although only episodes 8 and 9 were bad, especially spike at your service, it is arguably the worst episode in the series in my opinion:okiedokieloki:) and because its short every bad episode really leaves its mark. But if I look at all the episodes I love, the majority of the episodes are actually really good. This season deserves more love.

Season 8, while my least favorite, its still a good season overall, it had some really bad episodes(Yakity sax is arguably the worst episode) and not enough great episodes to really compensate it to my liking, but it had some great episodes like the mean six and the washouts and some others. 



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This is how I would rank the seasons of Friendship is Magic from favorite to least favorite:


  • 4>
  • 5>
  • 8>
  • 2>
  • 6>
  • 1>
  • 7>
  • 3>
  • 9

Seven & three swap depending on my mood.

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My average ratings (0.5 - 10.0 scale)

  • Season 2 : 7.653846153846154‬
  • Season 1 : 7.576923076923077‬
  • Season 5 : 7.346153846153846
  • Season 6 : 7.192307692307692
  • Season 4 and 7 : 6.923076923076923
  • Season 3 : 6.769230769230769
  • Season 9 : 5.884615384615385‬
  • Season 8 : 5.230769230769231‬

edit : I also value Season 3 highly even it's average rating are low, because it had some top tier A+ episodes in it and it falls into the classic era of G4.

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1. Season 2- The most consistently high quality season. A large chunk of my favorite episodes come from here

2. Season 1- Somewhat rough in the beginning, but that gets ironed out very quickly so most of the season is really good

3. Season 3- It'd be better than season 1 if Magical Mystery Cure didn't exist and if it was longer. In general I find season 3 episodes to be both incredibly memorable and high quality

4. Season 4- While I do think MLP started to decline here since there's way more boring and annoying episodes in this season than the first 3, the good episodes are still really good and a lot of the bad stuff is more forgettably bad than annoyingly bad

5. Season 6- This season maintains a consistent level of 5/10. The good stuff mostly isn't that good, the bad stuff mostly isn't that bad, and everything else falls pretty firmly in the middle

6. Season 8- The only reason this is above 5, 7, and 9 is because it has small bursts of high quality. There are certain episodes that breathe new life into the show and make me excited about the show again (The Maud Couple, Breakup Breakdown, Parent Map, Road to Friendship). These episodes do show a direction that is different than the first 3 seasons, but that doesn't make them less good. They're equally good in a different way. It's just a shame that the show didn't actually move in that direction and instead shat out mediocrity

7. Season 9- This season maintains a consistent level of 4/10. The good stuff isn't that good (and there are only 3 good episodes), the bad stuff isn't that bad, and everything else falls pretty firmly slightly below the middle

8. Season 5- I thought about making this the worst season as it has a lot of really trash episodes (Do Princesses Dream, Mane Attraction, Princess Spike), but I can't ignore that this season also has some of the best episodes post season 3 (Make New Friends But Keep Discord, Bloom and Gloom, and The Cutie Re-Mark in particular)

9. Season 7- Has some of the worst episodes of the show (including the worst with Parental Glidance) and the good episodes here aren't as good as season 5's




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1. Two - A classic season that will always have its place in MLP history (at least, to me). Supremely well-written episodes that I will never forget, and have kept me following the series just when I was about to quit watching from exhaustion.

2. Four - While it has only a few "OH MY GOSH, THIS IS AMAZING!" episodes, it was consistently entertaining! No other season had a longer streak of enjoyable episodes. 

3. Five - Has the most number of my top ten episodes.

4. One - While it will always have a special place in my heart for being the season that got me into Bronydom, I got to give the above three seasons a lot of credit for raising the bar from an already high benchmark. 

5. Six - One of the most suspenseful seasons of the series, with its Cutie Map, a reformed villain, a misunderstood outcast, and a hyped and entertaining finale that brings in a new cast of heroes.

6. Three - While has less episodes, has more than a few that really stand out.

7. Seven - Underwhelming season premiere and a below average finale, but it at least has one masterpiece episode and a number of decent ones.

8. Eight - Good season premiere and finale, but filled in with several fillers.

9. Nine

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On 10/30/2019 at 12:34 PM, Sepul-Coloratura said:

My average ratings (0.5 - 10.0 scale)

  • Season 2 : 7.653846153846154‬
  • Season 1 : 7.576923076923077‬
  • Season 5 : 7.346153846153846
  • Season 6 : 7.192307692307692
  • Season 4 and 7 : 6.923076923076923
  • Season 3 : 6.769230769230769
  • Season 9 : 5.884615384615385‬
  • Season 8 : 5.230769230769231‬

Wow, you really went all out on the numbers:P

Average episodes scores for each season for me(scale from 1 to 10):

  1. Season 7: 8.0
  2. Season 9: 7.96
  3. Season 5: 7.92
  4. Season 4: 7.88
  5. Season 2: 7.8
  6. Season 6: 7.69
  7. Season 1: 7.5
  8. Season 3: 7.38
  9. Season 8: 7.04

Of course it might change in the future, but this is as it stands to me right now.

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  1. Season 2: 9/10
  2. Season 7: 9/10
  3. Season 1: 8.5/10
  4. Season 9: 8/10
  5. Season 4: 8/10
  6. Season 8: 7/10
  7. Season 3: 7/10
  8. Season 5: 7/10
  9. Season 6: 5.5/10
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  • 6 months later...
  1. Season 7
  2. Season 5
  3. Season 2
  4. Season 6
  5. Season 8
  6. Season 9
  7. Season 1
  8. Season 3
  9. Season 4

Season 7 had so many great episodes in a row. Didn't care much for the pillar though. A Royal Problem stands out though! Perfect Pair had a great song in it! Fame and Misfortune had a Flawless song in it! But the one i have watched the most is Rock Solid Friendship which is absolutely maybe the best of the entire thing.

Season 5 has Evil Starlight Glimmer, Slice of Life, CMC getting their cutie marks, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? and Rara.

Season 2 had Q, I mean Discord, as well as A Canterlot Wedding which stands out as one of the greatest MLP stories, being the Brones in the billions. There are a few CMC episodes as well.

Season 6 stands out because of The Saddle Row Review, but mostly for Stranger Than Fan Fiction which I have watched so many times! There were a few Starlight Glimmer episodes, but the ones with Thorax and Trixie stands out.

Season 8 is held up by Horseplay and Sounds of Silence, and sadly brought down by the school of friendship and its low point Non-Complete Clause.

Season 9 is trying its best to be up there with the best episode for me Frenemies. It had a lot of meh episodes, too many if you ask me!

Season 1 is difficult to watch with so many things coming to life. But the CMC episodes stand out, as well as Trixie.

Season 3 is trying its best to stand on it self with Sleepless in Ponyville. Too many spikes episodes and a half season brought it down as one of the worst seasons. And it ended the Bronies with stopping Twilight Sparkle's development as a student, basically ending MLP's story right there. And for what purpose: To bring us the next story Equestria Girls!

Season 4 had Maud. I can give it that. It's a mixed, odd animated season, with a few crazy episodes, and a few wings pasted here and there. There are a lot of over-scaled Fluttershy heads, tails in butt cracks, and no one seeing Twilight being a princess (because the wings were pasted on at last minute). This is the season where only a few Bronies where left. The other ones had already found FNAF at this point and began their new lives.


I could bring up Season 1 a little higher, if it wasn't for the fact that it was relatively unsure of itself. Almost the entire season is just rehashed old cartoons. Also, most ponies faces look kinda expressionless (which has its charm though!).

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On 10/26/2019 at 4:34 PM, KiryuChan said:


I'm expecting to be the only one to rank S3 fairly high

Actually looking back, I'll probably swap S2 and S8

S7 is still my favorite season, just because the first half alone was absolutely stellar, featuring some of the best episodes in the entire show. Second half is still really good, even if there's a noticeable drop in quality, especially from Daring Done onward. It does get credit for giving me a finale I actually liked

S5 is immediately after, as far as high points it's really consistent, and rarely ever hit really bad episodes apart from the Neal Dusedau episodes(Princess Spike and What About Discord), though some episodes don't hold up well on rewatch(Make Friends) and there's a few boring slogs here and there(Made in Manehattan, Hoofields and McColts), and the finale was pretty shit for what was otherwise a great season

S1 is probably the one season I usually have the most desire to go back and rewatch, and it's one of two seasons where I can actually go in and rewatch all the episodes. It shows it's age in a lot of areas but it's also the most charming season imo, and is part of the reason why I still hold in high regard

S3 gets more hate than it deserves imo. Apart from One Bad Apple, most of it's "bad" episodes, aren't actually that bad(I actually like SAYS, GPP, JFS, and MMC), and it's high points are some of my favorite episodes in the entire show(Wonderbolts Academy, Sleepless in Ponyville). Unfortunately it's the shortest season which is why I think it falls under so much scrutiny, but imo, it actually works to its benefit as it's the only other season besides 1 that I actually feel a desire to rewatch in its entirety

S4 I probably need to rewatch at some point. It's probably the most average season imo, with a few exceptions(Rarity Takes Manehattan, Pinkie Pride, Testing Testing 123, For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls, Flight to the Finish), most episodes aren't as great as I remember(I don't Twilight's Kingdom is that great in hindsight), but some episodes(primarily Daring Don't) hold up better looking back(likely thanks to future episodes, since they took what happened with Don't and ran with it). Even some of its bad episodes(SPTWOM, Rainbow Falls) don't feel as bad as I remember(though in my case, that's probably because future episodes actively went out of their way to be terrible, RF at least means well).
In fact I'm actually having trouble trying to remember which episodes were actually that bad, as the ones I brought up are actually alright. Three's a Crowd is one I dread to rewatch as that was the start of Douchecord. Leap of Faith and the Breezie episodes were pretty weak to and not one's I wouldn't bother with. Simple Ways is the only one this season I'd actively avoid as it was the time it showed a terrible Rarity episode was possible. Think this was the first season since S1 to have a sort of season long arc, but ultimately I think that was a bad thing as not only was S1's for something more low key(Grand Galloping Gala vs Cataclysmic events they needed to save the world from), it became the basis for other season going forward, a move that I think hurt the entire show going forward as it'd continually fail in this regard

S2, as much as I hate the word, is kind of overrated. I don't remember too much about the season as a whole. Some of the more popular episodes(A Friend in Deed, Sweet and Elite, Luna Eclipsed and Hearth's Warming Eve) I actually don't like very much(funny enough, the most unpopular holiday episode, Heart's and Hooves Day, I actually enjoy quite a bit). Lot's of slogs like Cutie Pox,  and Family Appreciation Day, Baby Cakes. The bad episodes(MMDW, Dragon Quest, SSCS6K, Mmmmystery) stick out like a sore thumb. There are some huge stand outs like Lesson Zero, Last Round Up, Secret of My Excess, Read it and Weep, Hurricane Fluttershy. I actually like Putting Your Hoof Down quite a bit, MTBPW I think is a highly underrated episode, the premiere and finale I think is really fun. But I don't think they do enough to hold the season up

S8 I tend to like more than most. It has a ton of problems and a lot of it is due to a lot of ideas not working out. To me, for this season, if an episode or idea sounded good, then it was probably good, if it sounded bad, then it was probably bad, and unfortunately I think the bad outweighed the good. Though to it's credit, if it had an idea, it usually went for it, and it didn't actively ruin good ideas like S6 or S9 did(Save for Father Knows Beast, which I still think is the second worse thing the show ever did). It does suffers a lot of similar problems those two seasons did, such as undermining the main cast to prop up a group of new characters(I though think Non Compete Clause is the only one who did this, vs it happening multiple times in the other two). When it gets good, it gets really good as there's plenty of great episodes, more than I think people give it credit for, but when it's bad it's really bad and I agree with those low points. There was rare any sort of average, lowkey decent episode to properly compare everything else too and to work around, I think Grannies Gone Wild(an episode is the closest example to that, I think had it aired any other season, it would have been middling, okay at best mediocre at worst, but because the season was one of such extremes, people tend to look at more fondly(which isn't a bad thing, it's definitely one of the season's better episodes)

S6 was the point where my patience in this show started wearing thin. Had some high points no doubt(The Map episodes were much better than those in S9, continuing with Rarity expanding her business with Gift of the Maud Pie and Saddle Row Review, one of the show's funniest episodes with Stranger than Fan Fiction), but it was also responsible for some of the show's absolute lowest points, a desperate attempt for the writer's to push their pet project, often at the expense of the main cast(the premiere and finale, No Second Prances, ELTSD) and failing miserably. Ideas that in the past the show would have actively avoided because they were never interesting ideas to begin with (PPOV). Episodes that go out of their way to go against established character traits for the sake of conflict(Rarity in Spice Up Your Life). The worst and most fucking unlikable dipshit in the history of this franchise(Zephyr Breeze). Cart Before the Ponies being a thing in general. An absolute Fuck You of a milestone episode after 5 years of build up(Newbie Dash). The stunning achievement of taking one of the show's most hated episodes and doubling down on everything everyone hated about it to make it even more of a miserable experience(28 Fucks Later). The list goes on.
And I think after the infamous 4chan, this season looks even worse because, not only was a lot of the season built on bad ideas(RETIRING THE MANE 6 SURE SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA, HUH? /s ), if their was a good idea or a potentially good episode, the show's leadership would go out of their way to ruin it. A lot of the show's worst episodes could have been good, great even, but either incompetence and stupidity or sheer contempt for the show got in the way(and neither of which are exactly enviable positions)

S9. I hated S9 so much I quit halfway through and never even finished it. That should say it all right there

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3 hours ago, KiryuChan said:


S9. I hated S9 so much I quit halfway through and never even finished it. That should say it all right there

I wonder what stuff you disliked in S9 that made you unable to finish it?

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12 minutes ago, nightshroud96 said:

I wonder what stuff you disliked in S9 that made you unable to finish it?

First half was exceedingly underwhelming despite a good premiere, and a couple of solid episodes like Frenemies and Sparkle's Seven. Then comes the second half, first episode does the impossible and make Weird Al boring then the second episode and repeats all of their worst habits and makes an episode who's sole purpose is to ruin RD to make the students look better in comparison, then couple it with the most insulting ending and moral deliverly to the episode that reeks of the writers smelling their own farts and yeah, I didn't even want to bother anymore.

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4 minutes ago, KiryuChan said:

First half was exceedingly underwhelming despite a good premiere, and a couple of solid episodes like Frenemies and Sparkle's Seven. Then comes the second half, first episode does the impossible and make Weird Al boring then the second episode and repeats all of their worst habits and makes an episode who's sole purpose is to ruin RD to make the students look better in comparison, then couple it with the most insulting ending and moral deliverly to the episode that reeks of the writers smelling their own farts and yeah, I didn't even want to bother anymore.

What are your thoughts on the finale if you have looked it up?

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1 minute ago, nightshroud96 said:

What are your thoughts on the finale if you have looked it up?

I hate it. Hate the two parter and hate the time skip. It just comes off as incredibly depressing seeing everyone look old, I hate they more or less confirmed Twilight will outlive her friends, I really hate the design for Future Twilight and Spike. The list goes on and on

As far as I'm concerned, the series skipped S6, and the series ended with A Perfect Pear, and followed up with the two specials Best Gift Ever and Rainbow Roadtrip(which I consider the real finale)

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After rewatching the show, and letting it all sink in, I changed my ranking a bit. They are based on a few factors:

•average episode ranking(premieres and finales get extra attention here).

•the amount of great and bad episodes(especially how good are the best episodes of the season).

•the plot of the season.


I would generally rate season 5 and 7 as tied for first, but if I had to choose I would choose season 7 based on best episodes and the season average.

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