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  1. I think It’s too late for the feedback, but just to say, Do : Proper character development Charming background Likable main characters Heartwarming stories Good lessons Slice of life Comedy Cute girly pony stuff Don’t Half baked lore expansions Emotionally empty epic battles Milking the franchise Bad political correctness Being too eager to appeal to the fans All of the above can be ignored if the story is good. I don’t like fish that much, but if it’s cooked well, I’d be more than happy to eat
  2. Thank you for your reply. I was just concerned that before the update the artwork used to fill the screen all the way from left to right, while after the update there is a purple sky in the right (which I believe is the background layer).
  3. The banner doesn’t fit the screen after the update. I use iPhone se2. It happens in both Safari and Chrome.
  4. 2,4,6 Graaat Yakity Sax
  5. Earlier would have been better. It seemed a little like an afterthought (which it is). They should have at least got their cutie marks at season 3. CMCs getting cutie marks was meant to happen one day in their childhood. In earlier seasons, every adult says that they would eventually get it, and everypony gets it so there’s no worry about it. Nobody else takes it as seriously as the CMCs and their obsession is kind of a childhood phase. The problem is; like Spike’s wings, Applejack parent’s autopsy reports, Scootaloo’s parents, Celestia’s mom, the fandom could not bare unanswered que
  6. Older seasons vs. Newer seasons. I personally like earlier years of MLP much more than later years, but I know there are many people who would disagree. I was reading the comment section on Equestria Daily one day, and it was a mess. Peoples arguing over earlier vs later seasons of MLP were like watching people from different political parties fighting. Strange that those people watched the same show, but had a completely different viewpoint on them, and I think it’s a pretty simple & straightforward show than most other shows. I think this issue is the one that polarizes the fan
  7. If you count Manga as books in your question, I’d say Edge of Tomorrow. I liked Fight Club the movie more than the book, and I think 300 is quite a faithful adaptation and arguably a better one. I also prefer The Lord of the Rings movie. (But not The Hobbit) I disagree with people about Harry Potter. The first two movies were a very well made faithful adaptations, the third one was a unique and great fun movie. Harry Potter movies started to go downhill since the fourth one and they were very monotonous and gloomy in a boring, less charming way. The movies has its limits, but I think the
  8. I never saw any good or at least half-way decent manga/anime based feature films ever in my whole life. Both Japan and Hollywood has been completely butchering them.
  9. I want to hear Rarity’s brutal singing. She occasionally uses that voice when screaming and crying.
  10. Cone on. People always wanted to know so bad why the Applejack’s parents died, they would have asked Mayor Mare an autopsy report if they could. Why don’t we just ask Applejack about her parents death? Oh wait, that would be rude. Do we really want to be that curious about her parents death? It’s not that weird that we don’t know, and we probably would never know.
  11. It’s just an ok show and the characters are rehashed mane six. In MLP, characters being ponies helped, in DCSHG, the characters being already well known DC characters was a double edged sword.
  12. Sepul-Coloratura

    Visual Art Practice dog adventure comic

    I think it would be better if the framing and compositions were more diverse and dynamic. For example, the first panel, it would be better if it showed more closely to the dog’s head, the second panel would be better if it empathized the dog looking into a bin. Right now, most panels looks similar and the audience could be very bored with the visuals even if the stories are great and even the individual panels were great. A simple zoom-in would help, and if you would like to put more effort into it, draw it again in a different angle in a way that helps the story. Focus on what the panel
  13. B+ at best. It is nowhere near perfect and even it being a good show or not is debatable. It is a special show for me and it has its charm, but technically it is not a masterpiece especially when considering later seasons.
  14. Sepul-Coloratura

    Music Favorite metal band

    Black Sabbath. They are your favorite metal band’s favorite metal band.
  15. I prefer the manga if it’s the original. Unlike all the well done feature film and animation adaptations of comic books and novels, anime usually suffers from its chronic case of dragging out sequences due to budget limitations and the amount of time they have to just pass by to fulfill the episode’s quota. And in many cases of manga based anime, they usually focus on frame to frame reconstruction of the source material instead of finding out what’s the best for the medium based on the director’s vision. It takes 20 minutes to tell the exact same story of a 5 minute manga chapte
  16. Sombra didn’t return at S9. Grogar was real. Chrysalis didn’t return at The Mean Six. Cozy Glow wasn’t a twist villain. Discord didn’t do stupid things at A Matter of Principals and S9 premiere/finale. Starlight Glimmer gets defeated and never returns. Pony Of Shadows didn’t exist. Chancellor Neighsay didn’t exist. Tempest Shadow had a different childhood story anything other than the one we got.
  17. The show hyped Grogar up knowing exactly what people would expect. Then they subverted their expectations for the sake of it and ended up being a nonsensical mediocre storyline, satisfying almost nobody in the demographic. Some people were “OK”, some people “Didn’t mind”, but not many people thought it was clever or satisfying or well executed. They didn’t achieve anything good by the twist. Why didn’t they make Grogar real and make Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow turn their backs against him?
  18. There is no way he will say “We had no idea what we were doing at the time!” even if it is true. But who plans such a story that turns up to be a half baked one?
  19. Because in later seasons, they couldn’t write a good story arc or have a seasonal plan to save their lives. Look at what they did with Sombra. Look at what they did with the elements. The students. Twilight. Crystal Empire. Princesses. The Pillars. Discord.
  20. I think it’s a good idea. Unlike Celestia and Luna, maybe the Wonderbolts’ casual lives outside of the Academy can be dealt more naturally to the point without breaking the characters. Besides, outside being a Wonderbolt, most of their characters are vastly undiscovered. What I think the episodes should be about is How to balance between work (duty) and personal life. How every Wonderbolt members are so different personally, but they can work together so well as a team. What the Wonderbolts and Equestria represents. Them meeting each others friends and families. H
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