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  1. Are we all forgetting Fluttershy? She is the kind of pony that would barely blink at feeding one animal to another for the sake of the predator animal's survival. Sure, in her sanctuary, she can enforce a Zootopia-esque 'don't eat your roommates' rule, but I foresee her defrosting pinkie mice to feed a poorly snake easy peasy EDIT: With Applejack's pigs, I imagine they are pretty darn handy when it comes to apple-bucking season. Not every apple is good for consumption after all, and not every apple can be immediately put to compost, so what better way than to have the pigs eat them
  2. I like Cadance because she is sweet, kind, upbeat and just all around fun. My favourite pony is Princess Luna, a pony of Faust's creation, and you come across as a 'purist' that will only go with Faust's vision and stick to S1 religiously, despite it being the starter season and prone to settling and tonal hiccups as all series are. This is where a lot of Faust fanpeople stick in the craw of people who dare like episodes outside of S1; just because Faust didn't kiss it with her big-eyed stick-waist pencil doesn't mean it's bad or not part of 'her vision'. I'll say it again; she comes across as
  3. I would say no. But I think their strengths are radically different; in terms of sheer power, Twilight has Rarity beat. BUT I think Rarity's speciality, and one she constantly practises, is very fine and precise kinetic magic. Think about it; she uses her magic to work needles, sewing, placing buttons/sequins/appliques/gems, all sewing requires exceptionally fine dextrous movement. Sure, Twilight could mimic Rarity's gemfinding spell, but I still feel Rarity can do the spell a more more intuitively (i.e. she wouldn't need to concentrate that much to do it or can find much smaller fragments as
  4. Well, Pip could pull Luna's hair in Luna Eclipsed and that short with Rarity wanting moving hair suggested that it really is 'just' hair that's enhanced with magic; it became still when the Princesses gave up their power to Twilight for safekeeping, and Twilight's hair started to move when she used it to move the sun/moon. Same as everyone else, really soft and silky, but imagine that super silky way that constantly seems to move because of the sheer glossiness of it. Or imagine the patch of fur you can find under a cat or kitten's ear; that super soft fur! If you've ever touched the fluf
  5. 28 Pranks Later, I really REALLY like the horror theme that wasn't actually gory or shocking. Plus, the tension of knowing that she caused it is really cool, I honestly love it! The Mage Meadowbrook one with Fluttershy and Twilight. Not sure if it's unpopular, but I dig Fluttershy so driven and get working yourself into a frenzy so much your own health packs in Ticket Master. I first watched it when really hungry and getting dinner, so now I like to watch whenever I'm super hungry and settling down for supper
  6. Dear lord. I put in the restriction to force a choice based on the pegasus pony's primary strength; flight. Unicorns get to use quills, let the Pegasi have something that's all their own plz. (Also Twilight is a smelly pony who is the wurst )
  7. So, you're now a poni. You have the one-time choice of particular race of pony. You can be an Earth, Pegasus or Unicorn pony. Which would you choose, and why? Ground (hehehehe) rules: If you choose Unicorn, you CANNOT use your magic to 'fly'. You may still learn the spell to walk in clouds to hang out with pegasus buddies, but you will need a balloon ride/giant catapult to get up there. You cannot simply make yourself levitate/hover/teleport instantly any distance. Even Twilight couldn't do long-range teleportation. If you choose pegasus, you are assumed to be a standard pegasus with stan
  8. Yeah, I don't understand 2,4,6,Greeat considering, well, wasn't Rainbow Falls all about going with the 'better' team? Sure, Cheerleading vs. Sports Team wasn't the conflict, but RD also puffed up the cheers in the episode with the CMC doing a routine in preparation for the Games in the Crystal Empire. It just seems like she's being needlessly dismissive when it should have played to her strengths. It would have been better as a far earlier episode, like S1-2 rather than so late into RD's journey AJ's paranoia would have been more understanding if something terrible had happened to Applebl
  9. What moment did you consider most OOC for a particular character? This can be just bad writing or it can be something you personally think is not in-character for the pony in question. For me, : 1. Pinkie Pie's cruel comments to Fluttershy in the Ponytones episode and making her cry with panic and fear over her stage right. 2. Spike's sheer incompetence in Spike at your Service. His best moments as support were moments like in Lesson Zero and Once Upon a Zepplin as a calm, composed and organised little guy, not the hapless little brother they suddenly made him. 3. I person
  10. Your condescension is noted, and ignored. EQG seemed to be more a box-ticking exercise, especially with the massive success of Monster High. I still really, REALLY don't understand why it was made BEFORE the actual MLP movie, but then again, the Simpsons was on for decades before they finally released a movie. At least EQG went interesting directions once it had room to breathe, and Sunset Shimmer is genuinely great and got some lovely development. The minis were great, the dolls ... there's such a disconnect between the dolls, ESPECIALLY THE BOX ART, and the movie characters in terms of
  11. Ooooo I like the Starspike and Twilitron dynamic idea!
  12. Pretty much this! I could see him using his fire breath to enforce his will, refuse to do anything by himself and do everything to annoy and upstage Mean Twilight
  13. I mean lets assume that the whole 'future is messed up' part wasnt a result, another Unicorn took the Element of Magic. What of Twilight then?
  14. Twilight almost didn't get the chance to study in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns at all before Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom suddenly startled her and her magic. Once she, uh, exploded with magic, Celestia accepted her into school and as her personal student. But what if that hadn't happened? How do you think she would have reacted or grown up? She's shown to be kinda groomed for success, has issues regarding failure and her parents seem to have games with her and her brother that result in incredibly fierce rivalry. The same brother that ended up being Captain of the Royal Gu
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