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    EG: Spring Breakout From what I can tell from the description, this will be a follow up to the MLP Movie, and the after effects of the Storm King's messing with Equestrian Magic. So basically, Spring Breakdown is in a sense, MLP MOVIE 2 or 1.5 if you will. Now you may ask how that is, well, back in the 80s, the '86 Transformers Movie came out, and many kids were hoping for another one (besides a 3rd season that is), then the season 3 finale debut on TV, entitled "The Return of Optimus Prime", which was a 2 parter., the reason I bring this up, is because when F.H.E. (Family Home Entertainment) released it on VHS later on (courtesy of Hasbro), the bottom back of the syspioss called it the must-see sequel to the Transformers Movie. So if you apply that bit of Hasbro history to this new EQG special, then "Spring Breakdown" is serving as the sequel to the 2017 MLP Movie, if not 1.5 extension of the Movie. Anyway, can't wait for the interactions in this one.
  2. Been A While, But here's an ALL-NEW PMV (Pony Music Video) of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, featuring the song "The Touch" from Hasbro's 1986 Transformers The Movie. Comments are Welcomed #PMV #MLPFIM #MLPMOVIE #THETOUCH #TRANSFORMERSTHEMOVIE #STANBUSH #AMV #PONYMUSICVIDEO #ANIMATEDMUSICVIDEO #MYLITTLEPONYFRIENDSHIPISMAGIC
  3. Don't know if anyone pointed this out, but after you watch this character intro videos on DC Superhero Girls YouTube Channel, it just seems to obvious, especially when compare the character's personality's between the two shows. And here I discuss why these shows are the basically (almost) the same. Comments are Welcomed #DCSuperheroGirls #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #LaurenFaust #DCComics #Hasbro #MyLittlePony #EquestriaGirls #SunsetShimmer #WonderWoman #TwilightSparkle
  4. Perhaps, maybe , because as Much as I support it, future may call for them to do something on Sparity (20 years in the future), which I hope they and the show follow up on from Best Gift Ever
  5. But they could do both, one in the past and one in the future.
  6. (IMO) Here I list the 5 Best season 8 EPISODES of 2018. Comments are welcomed #mlpseason8 #MYLITTLEPONY_THEBESTGIFTEVER #MLPFIM #MLPSEASON9 #BESTOF2018 #MYLITTLEPONY_FRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #TOP5
  7. bwrosas

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    Did anyone not catch this small detail, Rarity has " Stars in her eyes" when Spike is singing to her. And if your a romantic or know anything about Romance storytelling, "Stars in their Eyes" at most times, means that was just a friendship, has now become something more. Just thought I'd point that out. ps. Don't be surprised if Sparity is subtle used in Season 9 (should it be the last).
  8. bwrosas

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    Netflix now has the special on it's service, but you have to search for it.
  9. bwrosas

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    Yeah, but when you think about it, this may be the way they make Sparity, semi-canon/official as the series nears it's final seasons (10 would be just right).
  10. Got This SDCC 2018 exclusive recently via amazon
  11. bwrosas

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I'm surprised, no one brought this up, cause if you're into shipping, this is an interesting thing that they did, When the drawing of names/cutie marks occurred,, (along with the trade), check out this unique situation, Spike (after the trade) got Rarity, and AppleJack got Spike., and Rarity got Applejack. So if you're a RaraJack, Sparity,or Appllespike shipping, I hope you saw what they did there.
  12. With The 8th Anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic happening, I discuss the 2 (perhaps 3) things that got me into the fandom Comments are Welcomed #Sparity #Rarity_mlp #SpikeTheDragon #Rarity_X_Spike #Spike_X_Rarity #StarlightGlimmer #AppleJack #Starlight_X_Spike #Applejack_X_Spike #MLPFIM #MLPShipping #MLPMOVIE #MYLITTLEPONY #MYLITTLEPONY_FRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #TheBestGiftEver #ThePerpectPear #RARITY_MLP #SPIKE_MLP #SPARITY_MLP #MISANTHROPONY #MLP_SilverQuill #LightingBliss #Firebrand #GoldenFox #Keyframe #DrWolf001 #Brony #Bronies #Pegasister #Pegasisters #MLP_8thAnniversary
  13. bwrosas

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    Show of hands/hooves, who seen Family Matters? Does Steve and Laura Ring a Bell? How did the thing between them start and how did it ultimately end (when the series was done) and how long did it take to get too? And how many bumps and obstacles did it go through, before they finally ended up together? Point I have with that, is Spike and Rarity are somewhat similar in a sense. (And please don't mention "Age" as an excuse as why they shouldn't be, let's not go there.) The point, is how many seasons did it take for Laura and Steve to finally be together, about 9 whole seasons, which ironically is just about what MLP FIM is coming up too. And it took special episode towards the end of S9 for Laura and Steve to wind up together. And ironically, it takes one Hoilday special for Rarity and Spike (Spairty) to become semi/if not officially canon in FIM. I know it sounds confusing, but trust me, when you put the pieces together, you'll understand. Hmmm..., makes you wonder if the creative staff were big Family Matters fans and fans of Steve and Laura being/ending up together.
  14. bwrosas

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    Understood, But after this scene, fans are starting to question that.
  15. bwrosas

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I understand that Sparity is not everyone'scup of tea. And I can respect that. However, please think about this for a moment, why was Sparity brought back to the forefront in Season 8 and The Best Gift Ever. Honestly, In my humble opinion, when you look at the theme for #mlpseason8 , and how it's about not just about testing the strength of the Mane 6, Spike , Starlight and even Trixie's friendship. But, how it's also about accepting those for who they are and what they are. And Spike and Rarity have been a prime example of that since the beginning of the series. True, it's push was somewhat simmered down for seasons, like 4-7, with a few moments here and there, but still it was seen when need be. Now did they have to bring Sparity back into the spotlight in S8?, No, not really, however, a couple of things happened: , 1. Nicole Dubuc took over as executive producer, and 2. The reason it was brought back was, because, as I said, it was the best example of accepting somepony/creature for who and what they are, since the start, and Nicole Dubuc possibly saw and realized this, thus, the reason it's flame was reignited in Season 8. And like some fans have pointed out, we need resolution to this relationship, and well it may not be "the" resolution anypony else is looking for, still, Spike and Rarity being together, is somewhat of resolution. Also look at it this way,: Spike has really matured and grown as a character, that even through he still has a few unlikeable dragon traits in him, the earlier seasons version of Spike wouldn't have taken the time to write a "Hearts and Hooves Day" proem for Rarity or in the case of the ending of the "Best Gift Ever" wrote a song for her. A song, that by the way, many have consider just as heartfelt and emotional as Buttercup's song to Bright Mac in "The Perfect Pear". Yes, you can even ask Ari and Lighting and even josh scorcher about the song's effect on them. And I even said, that this ship was now (however you look at it), became Semi-Canon/Canon and Semi-Official/Official in FIM. But as I said at the start, I do respect other's opinions on the whole Sparity matter. So I hope you all took the time to read this. It's just something I had to get off chest. So thank you and God Bless