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  1. Best Scene from the Mid-S9 Finale "Between Dark and Dawn (16640x7020)
  2. Even may have some "Pony Life" Collectibles within as well a few Surprises that may related to a certain upcoming crossover. #MLPPonyLife #FriendshipInDisguise #Transformers #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #TransformersxMyLittlePony
  3. Here on this Valentine's Day/Hearts & Hooves Day, I want to discuss (unscripted/uncut) the various shipped couples that have come out of Friendship is Magic and even it's spinoff Equestria Girls Comments are Welcomed :Secret of My Excess Transcripit: #MLPFIM #ValentinesDay #HeartsandHoovesDay #MLPEGQ #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #EquestriaGirls #RaritySpike #Sparity #AppleJackSpike #BigMacSugarBelle #PinkiePieCheeseSandwhich #Rarjack #TwilightxFlash #Fluttercord #FluttershyxDiscord
  4. Newest additions (Got Some PONY LIFE in here) + bonus (didn't buy) but found at my job
  5. It's classic 101, the dweeb/nerd grows up to handsome/beautiful. Don't believe me? Check out the Fairly OddParents Live-Action Movies, and the character Tootie. Just saying.
  6. That being both national and locally. Because TBH, I haven't heard it on the radio stations where I live. Have any of you?
  7. A Better look at my Rarity Dakimakura Pillow case, now with pillow inside.
  8. Villain's I think that could be great threats in the S10 comic would be, An G4 incarnation of the G1 Witches, Catrina From G1, and maybe even a rogue/anti-hero Majesty from G1. Those too me could be good choices, with the real Grogar debuting towards the end of S10, (whenever that would be)
  9. Well, if the upcoming Holiday annual comic is any example of what we "MAY" get in S10, I think Sparity (Spike x Rarity), (if you support it in someways or not) will get some spotlight.
  10. The Ending of The #MLPSERIESFINALE: The Collage of Characters