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  1. Since we see more of emphasis on their "relationship" in the season's she was in charge of, than the one's Meghan was in charge of. Just curious about your thoughts on that. Because IMHO, I believe she was (kinda), I mean I believe she was more of fan of the story dynamic between them, and wanted to follow up on it. But what about you all?
  2. With "Pony Life" scheduled to debut this weekend, rumors have been speculated on what we will see, and one of those rumors are on Spike and Rarity's Relationship, and how it will be portrayed in the series. Comments are Welcomed #PonyLifeMLP #MLPPonyLife #Sparity #SparityMLP #SpikeRarity #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #4KUHD #4K #UHD
  3. I can think of two or three, anyone else? Ps. No one-shot's either.
  4. The warmer the weather,( 75+) the better things will be. This virus doesn't like heat. Also some say when you know who is out, suddenly people will get better.
  5. Best Scene from the Mid-S9 Finale "Between Dark and Dawn (16640x7020)
  6. Even may have some "Pony Life" Collectibles within as well a few Surprises that may related to a certain upcoming crossover. #MLPPonyLife #FriendshipInDisguise #Transformers #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #TransformersxMyLittlePony
  7. Here on this Valentine's Day/Hearts & Hooves Day, I want to discuss (unscripted/uncut) the various shipped couples that have come out of Friendship is Magic and even it's spinoff Equestria Girls Comments are Welcomed :Secret of My Excess Transcripit: #MLPFIM #ValentinesDay #HeartsandHoovesDay #MLPEGQ #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #EquestriaGirls #RaritySpike #Sparity #AppleJackSpike #BigMacSugarBelle #PinkiePieCheeseSandwhich #Rarjack #TwilightxFlash #Fluttercord #FluttershyxDiscord
  8. Newest additions (Got Some PONY LIFE in here) + bonus (didn't buy) but found at my job