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  1. Did they HAVE to bring back Scrappy - er - Flurry Heart? Well, maybe it won't be all bad.
  2. Celestial Advice and All Bottled Up are finally here! Are they the fresh start we needed?
  3. The movie is coming! But how much does the marketing help?
  4. Let's watch all the season 7 preview clips and have fun speculating!
  5. Girly dreck or underrated fantasy adventure that laid the groundwork? The Second Opinion and surprise guest hash it out.
  6. It's G1 vs G4 in this reaction to Spike's Search, the G1 counterpart to Dragon Quest. Will it be any better?
  7. It's been a while since I looked at season 4. What will I think of DRWolf's favorite episodes?
  8. It doesn't try to offer much in the way of a fight, no, but I did feel like I got my money's worth in entertainment from these two. I can understand why some people seem to feel shortchanged though. (It definitely could've been bigger and better in a few spots.)
  9. The TOP TEN episodes of MLP FIM according to The Second Opinion. How many surprises will there be?
  10. Episode just didn't address it well, imo
  11. How will I respond to another opinionated critic's worst list?
  12. At last, we review the season finale. No idea "where," but I hope it's not "back" to square one...