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  1. The two isn't necessarily mutually exclusive. Just because they aged doesn't mean they aren't immortal... I'm sure Celestia and Luna were kids at some point and grew.
  2. While watching the show... It felt more like they were friends compared to Rarijack. It felt outta nowhere and disjointed.
  3. Rainbow Dash and Luna seems to have a ton of people obsessed with them. The Rainbow Dash train has slowed over the years though. All the rest of the characters being mentioned aren't really overrated... because a good amount of people already dislike them. I saw a comment mention Flurry Heart... really. Flurry Heart is the most hated thing in the show I think.
  4. I think Mean Twilight is basically the road Twilight was on if she never changed and didn't meet her friends to the highest degree.
  5. Rarity is wealthy and in the 1% but Twilight is the one percent of the one percent. Her castle is possibly the most expensive property in equestria... She also owns a successful school. She's a princess... yada yada. Not even Rarity is close to that. The list is something like this. Twilight >>>>> Rarity > AJ >> Rainbow Dash >> Pinkie Pie >>> Fluttershy
  6. It used to be Sweetie Belle but Scoots just is always so positive and most mature out of them all. It's hard for her not to become my favorite. If Gabby was in the show more often then it could be her.
  7. Nostalgia wise it's season 1-3 but objectively... the best era is easily season 4-5.
  8. I think Starlight is a more well written villain turned good guy. She just didn't stop doing sociopathic things, she just didn't have a evil motive behind it. Sunset needed more development in lowering her temper I feel.
  9. Hmm... I am sure I liked someone more than I do now... but it's ... I still really like them so it's hard to say. The three that popped in my mind is Fluttershy, Applejack, and Discord. They were much higher on my list at season 1 than season 9 but I still like them. I can't really say much except i like other characters more now.
  10. Even in the later seasons... you could kind of tell they hung out with each other less and less because twilight made it a big deal they hang out in season 8. Earlier episodes, they kind of hung out every day but later on it's probably much less often.
  11. I haven't thought about actual ages of everyone in awhile but here we go. At the beginning... Twilight: 21 (Feels like she's fresh out of college working on her thesis to me.) A.J.: 23 (One of the older one if not oldest. She mentioned being the last in her class to get a cutie mark.) Rarity: 24 (She also mentioned getting her cutie mark late. She's also the only one to have grey hair coming in in the future.) Pinky: 22 (No real reason, she acts young but her younger model looked about the same size as Rarity and A.J. I got a feeling she's older than she seems.) Fluttershy: 23 (She mentioned she was a year older than Pinky. She was also the biggest of the main 6 when they all got cutie marks. I think the cutie mark event happened 10 years ago so the math adds up. Her parents look like grandparents and she has a younger brother whose at least college age in season 6.) Rainbow: 19 (She was the youngest, first in her class to get cutie mark. She was the smallest when they all got cutie marks by... a lot. Also... In season 4, she has a birthday. The candles that we can see counted to 21. I would assume she turned 21 in season 4 episode 12 Pinkie Pride. This would also add up with Season 1-3 being 1 year as Celestia does the Summer Sun Celebration again at the beginning of season 4.) Spike: 10 (I think he's slightly older than the CMC.) CMC: 8 (Sweetie bell is significantly smaller then we even first see her on her 5th birthday so any age lower than this seems like a stretch.) At least eight or nine years pass because of how many heartwarming days are mentioned throughout the show... not to mention the ones that may have not been mentioned. At the end... Twilight: 30 A.J.: 32 Rarity: 33 Pinky: 31 Fluttershy: 32 Rainbow: 28 CMC: 17 (Probably should have changed models around Season 7 or so.) Spike: 19 (Dragon age pretty slowly.) And there you have it from me. All speculation but the best I can do with what I remember. Bonus: Starlight, Trixie. I think Starlight and Trixie are most likely older than the main 6. Season 1 Beginning... Starlight: 26 (Her and Starburst seem to talk about school and college and like it was a long time ago. She also controlled the village for years. Her father talked about her leaving her room like a angsty teen. probably around 17. Her dad looks older than the other parents in the show as well.) Trixie: 26 (She's been a traveling magician for awhile and even known as a powerful magician when we meet her. Same here with her dad, while the other main 6 parents look the same age as them... hers looks older.) End Starlight: 35 Trixie: 35 To be fair... The Starlight and Trixie arguments are bare and you could easily say that... Trixie started crazy young or Sunburst just flunked out of school recently but I just went with why I think they are older. That's about it... might be remembering some stuff wrong tho.
  12. Hmm... that's fair. I took mental age as just that... mental age. Like, there's a reason she just didn't say they were these ages.
  13. They are probably all above 18 at least in season 1 since they all have jobs. None of them are in some form of school except possibly Twilight who I would guess was in some form of college in season 1. We also have teenage models in later season which compare to fluttershy look in season 1 flashback. Fluttershy also mentions she's 1 year older than Pinky. In general... I would probably add about 5 years to everyone ages... while I think the flashback of them getting their cutie marks happened 10 years ago. That would make fluttershy around 12 and everyone else 12-8 which adds up.
  14. This is possible... flutter also mentioned she was older than Pinky. Rainbow especially compared was extra tiny. She's always the youngest whatever.
  15. Eh... this one is not possible at all because more than 4 years pass throughout the show. There's like 8 or 9 Heartwarming mentioned I think... which would make like 8 or 9 years. As far as ages are concerned... I think 16 is possible but unlikely. They all have jobs which kind of puts them above 18 in my eyes. We also see teenage models later in the show... which the main 6 are clearly not. My guess... (really nothing to tie this down with at all)Twilight was around the end of college when the show started which would make her 21 or 22.
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