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  1. Rainbow for me... I like her but there are a bunch of characters that's going to beat her.
  2. Tirek needs to be sufficiently charged to take on the pony of shadows. If he's not... he loses.
  3. I think it's Twilight, Starswirl, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Starlight, Twilight's Mom, Trixie, Rarity, Everyone else... in that order. All of these characters seem to have a huge boost compared to the average citizens of Equestria.
  4. The later seasons are of higher quality and personally more enjoyable with world building. It's not afraid to tackle heavier topics and just felt like every episode had background stories in them. Even background ponies had a uniqueness to them. The characters and colors felt more saturated and something I notice that most show and anime fail to do. The main characters actually feel like they were getting older... adults compared to season one where they feel a lot younger in general. CMC especially feel a lot older in season 8 or 9 than they did in season 1.
  5. If you take things that extremely... you'll never have any fun.
  6. Yeah but that's part of the fun. Even if i don't agree with something or believe the complete opposite... I like hearing why certain people think certain things. It doesn't have to be completely shown in the show. For example, I think Celestia had turned evil and into Daybreaker before. The reason why is because Luna knew who Daybreaker was at a glance and Celestia mentioned that she wont ever be real again. Someone who disagrees might mention that it was all a dream and Celestia could be mentioning again to the now existing Daybreaker. There's nothing in the show to indicate either specifically. It's just fun. Debating isn't evil.
  7. I like the legends... knowing if it ture or not isn't super important. I feel like knowing daring do was real hit the mysteriousness about her but I like her none the less. In the game League Of Legends, there is a character named Amumu you can play as. His lore is simply fairytails for children. There's actually no proof that he exists at all. I think that's pretty kool. Knowing for sure is not always necessary.
  8. Cadance is so basic it's annoying.
  9. She got taller. In the later seasons, she's a good deal taller than the rest of the base model females.
  10. The gender of the characters shouldn't be important. I hate when people try to force characters just because of gender or race... so on. The show is fine the way it is.
  11. I mean... it's fairly obvious to anyone paying attention. Celestia letting villains go as a test make so much more sense. You want to tell me in 1000 years, it was pure peace and as soon as Twilight make some friends... villains beyond Celestia start showing up like locus? The 100 episode showed Bon Bon belonged to a secret organization controlled by Celestia (or something... can't remember the exact quote). Re watch season finales with the mindset of Celestia controlling the situation. It makes so much sense.
  12. Even Cadance can block his spells and Twilight as an Unicorn blocked his force pull.
  13. At the beginning... I would say something like 100-200 but now... It's gotta be a good deal over 1000. Ponyville grows exponentially over the years.
  14. Season 1 may have been more directed at girls but season 2 onward was all about making a dope show regardless. I also like telling people that I like to watch. The face they make is priceless... until they watch the show themselves.
  15. The equestria girls have some bloopers out.