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  1. Kadeda

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    I would love it. Season 8 was good to me... especially towards the end. It's better than season 1,3, and possibly 6... maybe. Cozy Glow is a remarkable villain. It doesn't look like the quality is dwindling at all... so I hope the show go as long as possible. I am interested in G5 but... it has a lot to live up to. I know G4 is dope so... keep the train going I say.
  2. I have never stuck with a show that got rid of the main character, ever. It's a horrible idea in every situation... like harems.
  3. Kadeda

    I think Spike WANTS a dad, but doesn't know it

    Twilight is basically a single mother... and has been since she was a filly. Despite that... she really didn't drop the ball when raising spike at all. He's a pretty cool guy. I don't think he "needs" a father figure but he wouldn't scoff at one. He seems pretty content with just Twilight.
  4. Kadeda

    Is Equestria in an Iron or Bronze age?

    They might have T.V. They do have movies.
  5. Kadeda

    Is Equestria in an Iron or Bronze age?

    It's modern... or at the very least 90' era with some things missing here and there. It's kinda like Naruto... they have t.v. and phones but not bullets and cars. It's near modern with a different focus on specific technology than our own world.
  6. Kadeda

    Have you ever cried during an episode?

    I only had a tear once... when i realized Grand Pear last words to his daughter was and his apology.
  7. I started last year after the deadpool Pinky Pie Deathbattle. I have watched nearly every episode... multiple times. These ponies have taken my soul and i don't think i'm ever going to get it back. My only hope is if G5 is trash...
  8. Kadeda

    Where are the teenage ponies?

    No... happens in the season five finale.
  9. Kadeda

    Where are the teenage ponies?

    1000. I'm talking about the season 5 finale when they go back in time. I think you're confused. Nightmare Moon trapped Celestia in the moon for years... meaning that it's been years since she escaped... aka the first episode. MLP isn't to bad with continuity... it's why I was able to guess these things in the first place.
  10. Kadeda

    Where are the teenage ponies?

    CMCs are definitely Teenagers at least. There are plenty of clues that it's been quite a number of years since the beginning of the show. Season five is suggest to be at least 2 years imo. In the finale Nightmare Moon mentioned Celestia has been trapped in the moon for years. Years is suggested to be 3 years and on. Season 1-4 is one year. Season 4 - Season five finale is minimum 2 years. I think season 6 is possibly 2 years as well. Season 7... about a year ... possibly more. Celestia speaks as if it's been a very long time since the show started when she says (all these years.) Here's the big one. Season 8. In the first few episodes, 9 months had gone by. By half way through... a year had passed because not only Hearthswarming passed... Changling Girl mentioned Twilight told them about the holiday last year. That means that at least a year has went by since the beginning of season 7... but more than likely... somewhere in between 7 and 8. Then... there was another Heartswarming day at the end of season 8. This means that at the very minimum... a year and nine months have passed in season 8 (They mention 9 months and Heartswarming happens twice in season 8)... but that could be as high as three years. Conclusion... Minimum like 4-5 years since the show started... however... i think it's been 8-10 years.
  11. Ponies can change their names relatively easy. Rarity might have changed it before the show started from ...Snow Bell or something. Though personally, I don't think they have sur names at all. They have names and nicknames maybe. For example, Twilight Sparkle first name is... Twilight Sparkle. People call her twilight for short.
  12. Kadeda

    Where is Equestria?

    It's located on a futuristic earth where humans either ceased to exist or evolved into mythical creatures. To many coincidences and similarities to our earth to be a different place imo. My guess is in equestria girls... they travel into the past.
  13. Kadeda

    What if Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie argued?

    I don't know. I personally think those two are the most emotionally disturbed. Which means... i think they are the two most likely to take it to far. It has a very low chance of happening but i think it could get pretty bad if Twilight or someone doesn't stop them.
  14. Kadeda

    Cozy Glow's parents?

    First... that's how colleges are. Second... we don't know their age at all or how much time has passed so i don't know where you got that from but we do have clues. Since Sweetie Bell is significantly bigger than she was at her fifth birthday party... She was definitely like 8-12 when the show started imo and she's been getting bigger and bigger if you pay attention. Also... season 8 alone was like 2... maybe 3 years since it was nine months at one point then a heartswarming where changling girl mention her last heartswarming. (Which could have happened in season 7.) Then there was a heartswarming special... which mean three could have occurred in season 8 making three years could have passed. I think it's been more than five years since the beginning. I even think season 6 was about 2 years. Another is there general attitude and how people treat them. They act more like teenagers/young adults in the latest episodes. That's why i think there actually teenagers but they don't want to make new models for them. So... they settle with just making them bigger.
  15. Kadeda

    Cozy Glow's parents?

    Yeah... it's been years since even the CMC were like 10-12 at the beginning of the series. They are like at least 17 or something. The school is more like college than anything. I agree with that. Cozy Glow is probably like 20 or something.