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no critique Saturn's Art! (Not Pony)


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Decided to post some non pony art, some old and some new! Just so I could see what people would think! Backstories and info will be added!

First up is some art of an old Five Nights at Freddy's OC, named Salty! He's a pirate cat animatronic based on Foxy who has his own Pizzeria called Salty's Pizza!



This is some old art of an OC named Shelly! She is a Littlest Pet Shop OC! There's no backstory involved for her, so I'll list some facts

  • Very hyper, because of ADHD
  • Allergic to flowers
  • Likes frozen yogurt
  • Owns a flip phone instead of a cellphone like her peers


This is Bernard, the evil bunny ice cream man, his entire thing is sort of based on a game called Ice Scream, look it up it's a cool bunch of mobile games! It's also tied into that game's lore in an AU story... 

Bernard is a guy whose life isn't the greatest, he's not quite having the best luck selling his ice cream, but one day, he finds a kid who is standing in front of his truck, alone and solitary. In a desperate fit of panic to get his business up and running, he KIDNAPS the kid, and the kid's parents don't realize he's gone missing until a few hours later.  


Meet Prototype Salty, an older model of Salty who was stashed in a storage closet after he didn't quite work right, he's a very violent animatronic and isn't friendly, so don't go trying to hug him! 


And finally, meet Neptune! An alien Cocker Spaniel from the planet Zertron! He fights an evil alien bunny named Prince Nebulos with his friends Andromeda and Jupiter! They are all in a Pop-Rock band called The Falling Comets and use their instruments to fight! 


Thanks for reading, and if possible, comment who's your favorite!

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