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A possible reason why most G4 content was removed from Netflix


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After doing some research and spectulation, I found a possible reason as to why we lost most G4 content from Netflix.


According to some of the 10-K forms from recent years, Hasbro stated:

"The entertainment industry experiences frequent change driven by technological development, including developments with respect to the formats through which films, television programming, other episodic content and recorded music are delivered to consumers. With rapid technological changes and dramatically expanded digital content offerings, the scale and scope of these changes have accelerated in recent years. For example, consumers are increasingly accessing television, film and other episodic content on streaming and digital content networks, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and Apple TV+.

We may also lose opportunities to capitalize on changing market dynamics, technological innovations or consumer tastes if we do not adapt our content offerings or distribution capabilities in a timely manner. The overall effect that technological development and new digital distribution platforms have on the revenue and profits we derive from our entertainment content, and the additional costs associated with changing markets, media platforms and technologies, is unpredictable. If we fail to accurately assess and effectively respond to changes in technology and consumer behavior in the entertainment industry, our business may be harmed."

On top of this, during the fourth quarter of 2021, Hasbro recorded an impairment loss of $74.1 million associated with their investment in the Discovery Family Channel, as the network did turn out to be not successful as they thought. This is what I believe led to the company demanding Netflix to remove all G4 content from streaming, and renewing their contract with the network through March 31, 2025 by the original end of the option agreement.

What are your thoughts about this theory?

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