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Hey it's me again! Your friendly neighbourhood artphile dropping daily art bombs in some thread or another! This time you can commission me directly for a piece! I will have slots on here, which when empty, means I am taking commissions, if they are full, then I will need time to catch up and fulfil previous orders. Please message me or comment here if you would like to talk things out before placing an order, that way we can discuss details before putting money on the table, it will also allow me to provide more examples or let you know if I've never drawn something before (I've never drawn a diamond dog, for example, which may effect your decision to commission me for one.)

Please feel free to message me about what I will or won't draw, if you want to commission something private (A gift, perhaps?) or just want to know more about what I can do.

My shop link is here

And here are a bunch of examples I have done over the last couple weeks:

Glitter ponies:

These are all the same pose, different characters, and were the first pony YCH I offered. I didn't want to throw them all into the flat colour example, so these get their own place. But yeah it's basically a flat colour example with a sparkly background.





Rough, expressive, and can be either mono colour or, what I usually do, a colour for each part of the body/scene.





Can have black or coloured lines.




Flat colour:

Clean outline with flat colour applied. Can be done with a brush for a textured look, or solid colour.


Slots: 5/5 open.

All slots are currently open!




Wizard special:

Pay less, get more! But the caveat is that the lines will be messy, colours may not stay between the lines, and the background will be a gradient or very simple background (PM For details) But hey you get a coloured image!




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