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Do you think Seth Green can do a robot chicken skit on FIS


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Seth Green is actually a brony like Gabe Newell. So you think there's a possibility that he can make fun of my little pony again. He already did it once and it was called Apocalypse Pony which is right here

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(Sarcasim alert)

Let me think

Robot Chicken has done hundreds of skits. Parodying many famous and not so famous series, pop culture, politic views, social views, religious views, etc.

They have also done parodies of recent popular trends and cultures.


Nope don't see them doing a skit on MLP: FIM ever. It just doesn't sound like something Robot Chicken would do


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I'm almost sure it's not a question of "if", but of "when" well see a Robot Chicken parody. It's almost insane to think they'll let an opportunity like this just pass.


Just a matter of time now, I think.

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