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  1. Celestia only hires the best of the best!
  2. I want more of Ms Harshwhinny. I know her character is a total buzz kill. I just love her voice and demeanor. Imagine Harshwhinny trying hard to please Celestia? Would be a good episode for her and explore her obsession with perfection and professionalism.
  3. #DestroyPatriarchy

  4. Charlotte's Web still made me cry at the ripe age of 23

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    2. TheMarkz0ne


      Templeton the rat is still a douche bag. I wish they would have made him more redeemable.

    3. TheRockARooster
    4. 4N71-V1LL41N


      I bawled like a b***h the first time I saw Charlotte's death.

  5. I like the new movie art style with the ears being more defined. Look like real ponies.

  6. Professionalism will reign one day! https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/3/27/858482/thumb.png

    1. Johnny1226
    2. Pathfinder


      And Mr. The Dragon will be there to experience it! XD

  7. All the males were dumb? The male villain seemed above competent in my book. I hated Rey from Force Awakens.. So that is definitive proof that I am not all "female characters=instantly good."
  8. Who drew first blood though? I think the patriarchal crowd was the first to hate it based on it being 'all female'. I am willing to bet if this were a male cast WITHOUT Bill Murray and gang, people would be forgiving of the movie. I really think people don't want to admit they hate women in actions roles. I do think powerful female roles has been creeping in Hollywood for too long.. But if a movie is decent I will give it credit for what it did. I didn't see the male sexism. The character of Kevin was an obvious replacement of Rick Morranis's character. My favorite was the woman who pla
  9. I am in the strong minority here. This movie wasn't amazing, it was simply fun, and there were moments where I cringed. If I were to name some problems with this movie, it would be some humor being awkwardly forced. I did laugh during the movie at moderate times... But I was laughing at the stuff people didn't find funny. Another issue was the male character Kevin.... Chris Hemsworth is a great actor... But his character was cartoon levels of stupid to the point of irritation inducing madness. I never saw the original Ghostbusters. I always loved the song growing up in the 90s, but never
  10. Physical sales always don't matter. There's online ad revenue and franchise fees. Hell Star Wars made most of its money off licensing fees, toys and games were 2nd and the very movies themselves were last. Pony merch sales drop, because fans make better merchandise than Hasbro themselves.
  11. Hopefully we will see her in the season 6 finale. With that confirmed changeling spy synopsis.. I hope to Goddess that Chrysalis is coming and packing heat. Being many episodes absent, she better have fed off love for a while.
  12. Did anyone here actually like Ghostbusters the reboot? People are acting like genocide was committed.

    1. The Cynical Lone Wolf
    2. TheMarkz0ne


      I'd give the movie a 7/10 if there were no poop and fart jokes.

  13. Those two movies were hated and bombed though. And what's funny is that when people want new movies, they get them and complain.
  14. Ratchet and Clank Hardcore Henry Two movies that got bad scores and bombed and they were my favorite movies of the year. I just want MLP to be a financial success of some degree. Seeing as how Toonboom won't be stressful on the budget, I can see the movie making money.
  15. Chrysalis from the alternate time line was probably so over powered from her love consumption, that she didn't need to worry about being overthrown.
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