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planning Pokemons That Turn Human. Join The Magical Academy Of Magical Creatures!


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This idea has been festering in my mind for sometime. So why not Rp it? The basic story line is your pokemon of any choice turns human with some of their pokemon characterstics while attending the academy of Magical Creatures. It is a slice-of life/romantic Rp whic I thought would be fun. Here are the rules.



1. Keep the profanity to a mimmuim. If must, use it when approiacte.


2. Must have one character thats a teenager!! Plus they need to have characterstics from  there pokemon form, such as ears and tail. Only up to three characters per person!!


3. Only Rp other characters with permission from owner


4. Up to 6 slots!


5. Have fun!! :P

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I love it.


I want Oshawott, Cubone, and... umm...


Hey, twilight24.... what are your opinions on the legendary Pokemon?

YOU! You left us in a cave to rot! I had to get creative and make a secret passageway and now somepony went Lerroy Jenkins and were even more stuck! If you don't want to continue the story that's fine, but at least give the reins to Harmonic or something!


Oh right, Pokemon. Hmmmmmm I'm partial to fighting types. Who do I really see myself as? Hitmonchan? Heracross? Lucario? NEIGH! I know who!




Yes I'm type-casting myself. Sue me! I like to have my RP characters reflect who I am and who I strive to be. Note that I don't have to be the shiny version, I just thought it was funny how he matched my color scheme.

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I really like this idea! If you do get it posted, I'd love to join! I shall be a Meganium, since it's literally my all-time favorite Pokemon.


For the characters, can we have one student (teenager) character and one teacher character?


/follows topic

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