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  1. A lot has changed since I was last here! Hope everyone is doing well. :)

  2. Hi!

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    2. Scootalove


      :) Sometimes you can forget about your breeding grounds. Hehe, what are you up to these days?
    3. Starflower


      Not much. I just moved recently with my boyfriend and his mom. I'm also almost done with school, and trying to catch up with ponies and stuff. Right now I'm making use of my own lone time while the boyfriend is away for the weekend. What about you?

    4. Scootalove


      I'll be starting up college again in the spring, you have lots of pony catching up to do young lady! I know you can bulldoze your way through school. :)

  3. Starflower! :D Wow, it's been ages. xD

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    2. Scootalove


      Cool! xD What games do you have? x3

    3. Starflower


      A lot. I blame my boyfriend for being a bad influence on my wallet. lol.


      Team Fortress 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Borderland 1 & 2, Subnautica, Slime Rancher, Transistor, and many many more. I have almost 50 lmao

    4. Scootalove


      Jesus. xD Sent you a friend request on Steam, my avatar is Applejack but with no face. lmao

  4. AT&T and I have a love-hate relationship right now. At least it's well-behaved. Better than Time Warner Cable.
  5. Got my first kiss at 17, only went out with two guys though...with the most recent one being a few weeks ago. Both were...pretty swell, I must say!
  6. I got "Bright" by Echosmith in my head right now. I must say this is so much better than "Cool Kids".
  7. This episode made me cry, literally, because saying goodbye to your pet is something I had to go through in the I can totally relate to how Rainbow Dash felt. Not only I cried, I laughed as many references were made in that episode and it was freaking awesome. Clearly it has become my favorite episode so far in this season. Very well done.
  8. in 10 minutes I gotta go get my laundry out and get ready for work. D:
  9. I usually go for the sugar-free ones, but they also pack as much caffeine (probably more) than coffee itself. I'd rather stick to my two cups of coffee instead.
  10. so tired and lazy ;~;

  11. Tried creating a couple fanfics so I can post on FimFiction, one of them was a crossover with Pokemon, but I left it collecting dust. Been meaning to go back to it but ehhh, I'm gonna have to start all over.
  12. I need to catch up on my anime stuff. The last anime I watched was Kill La Kill and I stopped in the middle. I'm gonna change that sometime today. Other choices include Log Horizon, the new Sailor Moon anime, Attack on Titan, and the new Sword Art Online season. Man, life really throws you off. lol. My favorite anime of all time is Angel Beats. It doesn't fail to make me cry.
  13. I wouldn't say laziness. I get distracted doing other things on the internet where I end up forgetting this place. Email notifications actually bring me back here haha.
  14. Anything that has the word "gummi" are my absolute favorites. I even keep a giant bag of gummi worms ALL TO MYSELF. and I don't share! xD Reeses and Butterfingers do come second too.
  15. Last Halloween, I was able to dress up as Rainbow Dash at work, and I had a really fun time there! It was probably one of the most awesome Halloween days out there, and of course I do miss it. haha.