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Why did humans not care that magic is real?

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2 hours ago, LazilyPunctual said:

But we know that they have what are basically iPhones and they have the internet so surely videos of the crazy magic stuff would spread like wildfire

Yeah, and a lot of people who saw videos of magic would assume that the videos were fake.

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I hate to sound negative but alot of people even in real life can be very closed minded and skeptical. They would probably come up with whatever excuse they felt justified their view.


You know something like "Twilight is delusional", "Twilight , Sunset etc are probably doing some kind of magical show sponsored by the school" etc etc.


Just saying if Princess Celestia posted a live feed from Equestria, verified by NASA and, every country's leaders, scientific.minds etc etc and half the people on this forum will go "Nah, that's gotta be fake..."

In other words people see only what they want to see.

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