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Time period headcanon, or: Why Are There No Humans?


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I don't believe humans exist in Equestria, or the other lands surrounding it on their planet. The planet that Equestria is on exists in an entirely different universe to humans, or at least a separate part of the same universe. Bringing humans into the show would kill it. For one thing the human character would likely be some really annoying kid, then everything would have to revolve around them and all the other characters would think of them as really special because they're human. The show as it is is a really refreshing departure from shows from the 80s where a human character surrounded by fantastical beings was mandatory. One of the reasons I have zero interest in the Transformers movies is because they're not about the robots but the humans. When you've got something really wonderful and different why drag it down by bringing in a "normal" human into it? So viewers can relate?! Who ever relates to those characters? Would the premise be too confusing for us puny humans to handle where another human not in it?

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The evil creepy G1 ponies killed them all. So they're all extinct. The G3 ponies saw the violence were like "NOPE NOPE NOPE TOO MUCH VIOLENCE" so they used their stupidity to make sure no one knew what they were. Now, G1.2 ponies built a portal to the humans in one of their highschool science fairs.



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I don't really care if it's a continuation or a reboot, but if we are going to try to connect G1 and G4 with a timeline, I have this to say:


First, let's consider only the story and not the art style. This way, the world Megan came from and the world of EQG can be one and the same and it doesn't matter that EQG people look like multicoloured aliens. It also doesn't matter what Tirek and Scorpan look like.


Next, we know that the only way to travel between the pony realm and the human realm is by magic, be it a mirror portal or a rainbow bridge.


It does appear that G1 took place in the 80s (if Megan was indeed from Earth), and G4 takes place in the present (as evidenced by the technology in EQG). If this is true, how is it that in a mere 30 or so Earth years all memory of humans has disappeared from Pony history?


To solve this conundrum, I apply Narnia Time Logic (NTL). In the Chronicles of Narnia series, travel between our world and Narnia is only possible by magic and Narnia is only visited by Earth children a total of six times. Those visits span the lifetime of one of the Earth characters, but cover thousands and thousands of years in Narnia. Sometimes a year would go by in England but in Narnia a millennium had passed. This is because the two worlds are not connected by any physical space so their timelines are also not synchronized. I think the same thing happens when travelling between Equestria and Canterlot High Land.


And for you Narnia fans, this also means that in the Wood Between the Worlds there should be a pool that leads to Equestria! :D

There may be something to the ntl theory considering the portal to the human world opens every thirty moons, but the official answer is "it is a unit of time with no human equivalent" meaning you cannot assume it follows the same linear predictability our own lunar cycle has. Further ntl was highly random, sometimes only a year passed in Narnia, others it was centuries.


However much ntl fits though it still does not answer key plot differences between g1 and g4, like the origins of Tirek and Scorpan, thus making them different continuities.

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Since Starswirl banished the sirens to A human world & (IIRC) built the mirror that Sunset Shimmer used, humans exist in the EQ world.  They exist as almost never seen extra dimensional beings with almost no contact with EQ, but the exist.


But, just because A human world exists, it doesn't mean that it is the only human world.  Megan could be from another one entirely.  Just because EQ is in contact with 1 human world doesn't mean it is in contact with Megan's world.


IF the G1/G2 world is in the timeline with the G4 world, it was clearly before Discord's rule & the records were lost + it has been so long that the rules of magic have changed, like in the Thomas Covenant books by Donaldson 

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(just going to post here anyways)

My Theoretically Possible Timeline thing: G4, then G5, followed by G3, swinging back to G1, finishing with G2/G1.5 .

(G4: ancient lore regarding wendigos (not to mention main antagonists, and rulerships), the closest thing to ruins known are {Luna's Castle, Starswirl's 'Stonehenge' spot, the Old Sweat-House, Sphinx-Somnambula's Pyramid, the lost Gryphon Statue, non-appearing Tambelon, & a bunch of ancient magical artifacts (the Crystal Empire is ancient, but hardly in ruins)}, Scorpan is only presented in his 'flying monkey' appearance (also, did Tirek ever say 'half-brother'?), Grogar's bell isn't broken, gossamer-wings recipe = flutter-ponies idea-to-be/known, with Pinkie-clones {1 zapped Pinkie-clone altered her face into G3 appearance (more inside-joke at art differences, but still), at least 1 Pinkie-clone escaped via the train (Consequences? Limitations? Just a time-travelling Pinkie trying to hide their presence? A changeling not claiming the blame?), Spike was hatched (and learned to play instruments somehow), rainbow-power is discovered (not only the Sonic Rainboom), the pony known as ButtonMash is shown playing a game on an arcade-machine, & some form of humanoids are known since Starswirl vs Sirens & the mirror (the idea of portals is implemented into a gadget, so there must be knowledge of other method(s) already (I'll explain later with info why it isn't necessarily as 'other-way-around' as it seems).)

(have yet to actually watch G5, or the last season of G4, but... )

(G5: apparently Twilight made an appearance, Spike is apparently still there, apparently 'some' technology advancements (when separated from magic-users and pegasus types, certain 'extra' advancements would have been seen as 'necessary'), & the Mane6/EoH is a known legend. Also, though not necessarily proven as canon, there's apparently a comic that claims Discord is basically a groundskeeper to an abandoned Canterlot and such.)

(G3&3.2/3.5: G3's Spike is asleep & waiting for somepony as a worthy princess replacement (special flower chose Wysteria) (claims his memory of the past is foggy/fuzzy. Also, claims name as Kenbroath Kilspotten Heathspike, so, either this 'Spike' is either a different Spike (if his color design are to be taken canonically; though G4 Spike shares the ear frills with G3's Heathspike, & G4 Spike shares coloration with G1's Spike.), or wants to sound fancy (but may have undergone changes (temporary) that were magically induced)), inhabitants seem to be mostly earthpony type, town setting is called Ponyville, there was a map that presented 7 kingdoms (happiness, friendship, family, kindness, laughter, music, & rainbows), there is a primarily-unicorn Kingdom called Unicornia (similar to G4's past story of Princess Platinum's supposedly 'failed' attempt, except G3's is ruled by a Princess Rarity (probably named after G4 Rarity)), butterfly-ponies/breezies are [re-]'discovered', & in Twinkle Wish not only is the holiday (by any other name) still celebrated, there is another dragon (Whimsey Weatherbe (female)) who shows up.)

((G3.5.2 (2 flat storybook-style shorts): bleh & filler.) (G3-Stage: basically just filler (and I don't mean the tea)))

((mlp gardens CD-rom game is sort of like in-between G3 & G1, town-wise at least, not the stables (there are house/shop buildings, why are you sleeping in a stable?) or the rainbow bridge (release to go home/pony-world? Then where are you already?, foreign-world exchange-program ambassador border zone? Better learn to speak anything at all, fast, lol)))

(G1: their castle was supposedly left to them by an unseen princess-pony of sorts (supposedly the unicorn known as Majesty, but who knows?) (and despite the lack of in-castle images, and it's exterior appearance of 'it's-just-some-walls', the way they live (let alone understand the layout of Paradise Estate) suggests that it's actually well-off enough inside), Tirek is residing in what is basically an abandoned castle structure, Tirek found a chariot to harness/leash corrupted ponies to (was it Luna's?), Tirek is 'supposedly' destroyed, Scorpan turns into a human (broken curse)(likely other 'minions' of Tirek are reverted too), aside from Meghan (& siblings) there are other 'persons' (witches, gnome, a couple of medieval kingdoms, wizard, trolls, etc.), there are 2 rainbow energies (ancient remnant 'rainbow-of-light' in a locket, and corrupted 'rainbow-of-darkness' portion in Tirek's possession), Katrina isn't near her homeland (possibly from Abyssinia like G4's Capper the cat-guy), the Schmooze being summoned means it has been heard of (but this one (clump of many) is basically newborn and feral, let alone more a magic-potion semi-artificial version), the Flutterponies presented are somewhat reclusive from others, the magic/princess ponies group probably derived from G3's Ponyville 'all are princessess' mentality, there are a couple of dragons that try to trick G1's Spike (descendant, or magically made younger. Note, when did he learn piano? (he does act like he doesn't know about dragons but I guess that could be magic-induced amnesia) Another note, even though G4 Spike is about 16yrs, he has been referred to as a 'baby' dragon for awhile (even his own words)), sea-ponies live nearby (G4 film does include sea-ponies in Seaquestria though), Grogar remade or retrieved his/a energy-stealing bell when he returns with/within Tambelon, whichever version he wears gets shattered when protagonists hit a large on-scene bell (connected energy to the smaller bell) which also teleports Tambelon away (just as they've escaped the town), & the witch-Somnambula made a carnival-grounds appear [in the woods] to confuse some (supposed residents of Paradise Estates or Castle) colts/stallions known as 'big brother' ponies (they returned from where? How long were they gone?) (supposedly some of the foals were male too).)

(G1.2/1.5/2: consists entirely of earth-pony types except for 3 Pegasus glow ponies and DazzleGlow (the 1st alicorn ever presented (also a glow pony)) in what is like an 'alien' visitation, countries with ruling-status ponies are mentioned/shown, also prevalent are everyday settings again such as {sports,shake-shop,school,farm,homes}, G4 may have cruise ships but instead of rickshaw-taxis they have actual buses, they also have telephones, & significantly relevant is how they refer to a spot called Paradise Lake.)

(similar: almost each have music concert venues (G1:KnightShade;G2:personal bands;G4:DjPon3,Coloratura), all except maybe G1 showed radios, pretty sure that roller-skates are shown in each, pretty sure that hotair-balloons (let alone regular balloons) have been shown in each, modern pastries/baked-goods are present in each, all but G5 show a cutie mark on both sides (there's still the oddity of G1's foals having marks))

(differences/errors in art style, audio, etc should probably/technically be ignored. Actual geography of each 'G' to eachother could make a difference with event exposure, let alone what is available, seeing as 'splitting-away' or 'new-home' situations obviously occur, whether it is between pony types or not. In slight regard to that, locations naming, though still relative to timeline placement, doesn't indicate  its location to be same-spot or within-proximity to what the named location is derived from. It is good to note that ponies (and others) can have the same names as ponies (and others) in their timeline's past, and certain ponies might state that an occurance was part of history already.)
(ex: CleverClover isn't Clover the Clever (CC is a blue earth stallion, CtC is a unicorn), and G1's Gusty isn't Gusty the Great (slight differences between both Gustys' cutiemarks (GtG silhouette has a squiggle underneath (also has wild hair, but not on book cover)), the type of ponies they each reside among, and also G1's Paradise (the so-named pony) mentions Tambelon as old folklore basically.)

(When the dissension between ponies occurs, many would obviously prefer to leave towards someplace that they feel is far enough away/out-of-the-way for other types to try showing up, and with that, many might leave advanced types of things behind (either for reasons of forgetting, or luggage-limits usually), leading to a 'starting-over' of sorts, kind of like a semi-post-apocalyptic revival of lifestyles that once were, in areas that were previously untouched, per-se.)

(There is 'some' room for alternative lineup in this reasonably-analyzed timeline-theory, but not too much, aside from the 'not connected' idea, the 'split-timelines' (like Legend of Zelda) theory, and some slight time travel for certain entities. ((or that a whole lot of stuff (TV or not) are a very big prank on everyone, by Discord,lol.)))

My extended theory stuff: Well, we all know that basically The Doctor (alias': Dr Whooves, ClockWork, TimeTurner, etc.) has been acknowledged/canonized (not just the scarf and fireworks in Slice Of Life, but also some other scenes (one of Luna's dream bubbles shows The Doctor's dream, that being The Doctor in a Canterlot garden-maze, hiding from a stone Pegasus. Another few instances are: 3d glasses, question marks for Flim&Flam's confidence juice ad, and then the scene with Smolder and the fake 'time-travel' chair.)). It is also quite reasonable for The Doctor to be undercover in the EG mirror-world as the background character referred to as 'Scott Green' (hourglass pin, and a hat like the 4th Doctor's). As far as certain interactions or adventures are concerned, only those involved (and a few psychic-types) could account for such happenings (except for the theory that some stories (comic, audio, video, transcribed) are actually occurances popping into a person's open-mind, but might still  have slight 'personal-touches' that alter the tales to some percentage.). But that's not where things stop in my 'theory' thing. Recent DoctorWho stuff shows the possible 'indefinite-ness' and previous past selves (also referred to in Brain of Morbius), for The Doctor, and the reason why he would arrive in Equestrian (let alone anywhere) has never really been answered, except for the Tardis either saying she goes where needed, or that it's usually somewhat random. Well, let's assume that certain past-self energies were locked via amnesia-like stuff (or something)(aside from the 2nd Fob Watch (PS:I'm also behind on episodes for this, for as long as Mlp;FiMSeason9 starting (and other stuff. All on account of all the Covids, house-moving, device issues, and some health annoyances).). This forgotten-self may occasionally slip a snippet into the zones of consciousness or semi/sub-conciousness, but some others' energies of that past sort-of semi-dictate where one ends up going. Who I'm referring to,  is the canonically unnamed 'Player' character that, like others (including an unshown/unmentioned character & unshown/unmentioned extra off-limits dark-cityscape semi-world), was transported to DaybreakTown, in Kingdom Hearts Union X, and the 4 darknesses believed to have dissipated into nothing, when 'Player' basically pulled an almost Wizardmon-like sacrifice. It's believed that 'Player' survived to go on to be in the 'soon-to-be-released' Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, as a resident of an earlier version of Scala Ad Caelum, arriving through mysterious circumstances, and possibly (leading, but unconfirmed) raising child Xehanort, before fading [and possibly having a '3rd' self to live]. Where am I going with this?, that the 'locked-in' darkness unaccounted for actually got their demand to 'escape to the outside worlds', but that they survived by amalgamating with eachother into a more 'detachable' form if their previous shadow selves, and at least 1 (possibly more) arrived in early Equestria, and joined-onto/jumped-between villainous types (Tirek, Grogar) and the susceptible sorts (younger Luna's jealousy) (younger Sombra might count as both), but also spreading/emanating their darkness into anyone (pony or otherwise) that might at least fall for a trick (Sunset Shimmer), or at least cause dissension between them all (including the events with the wendigos, or G5's issues) (Celestia basically states that G4 is the longest time of peace, in awhile.) (That's not to say that some lesser instances aren't just from the individuals/entities themselves (DiamondTiara and her family issues)) More theoretical proof?, the darkness that is or is controlling certain antagonists, is bested/defeated by energies of light (or possibly just 'subdued' to collect themselves, depending on if a keyblade is actually 'required' to dish-out a 'finishing blow' (of sorts) or not). (one bit of info I found had stated that the Crystal Empire supposedly was destined for rulers/energies symbolizing Love & Light, so there's an extra theory to play with about FlurryHeart being a 'collected' princess (if to assume she is a princess of light, whereas Cadence would be a princess of love). And in G1, where the talking mountain shares its 'heart' stone with the rock-dog, kind of leads towards a theory, somewhat, that the dissension and deserted areas are an effect of the 'heart' of their world being removed/taken, which could also technically answer for any continuity issues, as the world being 'sick', with certain issues being fixable or reversible.)

(Some interesting FimFics: `Twilight Then, Twilight Now', 'The Great Brony Migration', and 'Heartstrings'. (pretty sure they are all in both written form & audio-story form))

(I apologize for the length (took 3 days to perfect it well enough), the load of info, and anything else that may have 'spun some heads' (dizzying or feeling sick or overwhelmed).)


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(((been meaning to see if I could correct it, but I guess I just have to include it as another comment-reply)) we (I) meant to mention `Anthropology', not 'Heartstrings`.)

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