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  1. well Rainbow dash fangirling about the wonderbolt and being completely ignore.
  2. maybe Cozy glow is a Nihilist who see life as meaningless.
  3. the reason why I was thinking of 6 rainbow dashes, it's because of the episode cutie remark, that starlight was trying to prevent her from getting her cutie mark, and that is how rainbow was somehow connected to the Mlp dark multiverse (almost like batman) i picture them as either tragic villains or anti villains, that they which had a tragic reason behind their goals, why they work together to conquer Equestria, and they all represent rainbow's fears. A Rainbow Dash from the end of the Crystal War. More machine than mare now, twisted by war, bitter towards the one who did this to h
  4. Well this is Deadpool we are talking about. so, it wouldn't be much of a Suprise for him to make Reference to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and The Brony Fandom. Celestia Forbid that Deadpool Clone himself with the mirror pool (Shudder) Since Pinkies pie also break the fourth wall. I'm Guessing that Pinkie pie and Deadpool would become best friend or Deadpool and Rainbow dash might start Pranking everypony in ponyville, which might drive applejack and Twilight insane Deadpool no need to be a jerk
  5. This music is creepy even rainbow dash is scare by it
  6. Well I would just resurrect Dark Carnage/Cletus Kasady to end all of humanity
  7. well Rainbow dash still look awesome as a vampire and without rainbow dash mane or tail
  8. I would let Rainbow dash and Twilight handle him with a magical blast and a sonic rainboom combine to wipe him out of existence (I also ship soarndash and Twidash)
  9. Probably Filly rainbow dash and she would probably be raise be a fastest Pegasus on earth or to be more calm and patience How we raise them will affect how they are in the end.
  10. Rainbow dash is The Cutest Pegasus I ever seen (died from Cuteness overload)
  11. well of course she is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of beholder
  12. Well I would be trapped with rainbow dash in a insane asylum and we both be crazy together.
  13. Probably rainbow dash might go insane when she under too much pressure. just like what the clown prince of crime once has said all it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest Pegasus alive to lunacy
  14. Rainbow Dash: One thing that she and I have in common is our competitive nature, I love a good challenge and to have somebody (or somepony) around to coopete with would be fun. I also have self-confidence issues and she could teach me a thing or two about improving that. (seeing Dashies cry is heartbreaking)
  15. well Spider Carnage Suffers from self-loathing, misplaced envy, and suicidal depression, coupled with aggression issues and a need to lash out at the world. It isn't pretty and is played entirely for tragedy. Take one unstable kid. Give him Spider-Man's powers. Throw in the Carnage symbiote for good measure. Run. Rainbow dash Tanks for the Memories" deals with a psychology process known as the Five Stages of Grief: Denial, when Rainbow Dash is uneasy on Fluttershy's speech of hibernation. Anger, when Rainbow lashes out at her friends for agreeing with Tank. Bargaining,
  16. well Rainbow dash would be a awesome and caring sister. sure, dash might have an ego,, she is still family
  17. Fictional characters I sympathize with? Rainbow dash (tank for the memories) Bane (in his older year) Spider Carnage (since he lost everything and everyone he ever loves and care about. pass away)
  18. well Rainbow dash does care about tank and not really abusive or cruel to animal, and here the way I see it, Tanks for the Memories" deals with a psychology process known as the Five Stages of Grief: Denial, when Rainbow Dash is uneasy on Fluttershy's speech of hibernation. Anger, when Rainbow lashes out at her friends for agreeing with Tank. Bargaining, when Rainbow tries to sabotage the weather factory to stop winter. Depression, when the pressured Rainbow mourns Tank, and her friends pity her. and Acceptance, when Rainbow finally lets Tank make good on his hibernation
  19. Well Rainbow dash is the most beautiful pony (even more beautiful than rarity) (Oh, rarity such a drama queen)
  20. I would just free/untied rainbow dash and attack princess celestia and her royal guard, if i feel she is overstepping her boundarie, she would have to banish or kill me (Flashback of rainbow dash crying)) I would never hit women, children, or the elderly. Under no circumstances. I would feel remorse if i did hit rainbow dash. but I am not a heartless monster, I would say bring in Discord at least her have standard
  21. Going Fourth Party or fifth party and voting for Carnage or Rainbow dash
  22. Shadow Scootaloo (or just The Shadow) Living Shadow - a Shadowy entity that taken shape and form of Scootaloo, and shapeshift into any form she wants. Sharing a Body - sharing a body with Scootaloo Blood Knight - Love Fighting if she gets a chance, when Scootaloo let her out. Hero-Worshipper - just like Scootaloo, she too Idolize Rainbow dash. Beware the Quiet Ones - opposite to Scootaloo confidence, the shadow is very quiet and shy. Enemy Within - is the inner demon of scootaloo, probably try to consume Scootaloo soul and take over her body Str
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    Filly Rainbow Dash standing up for young gilda from the bullies
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