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  1. ( Demonic echo in her voice ) Hello there I'm The Shadow also Know as Twilight shadow. Ask me Question
  2. Soundwave: My little Pony friendship Is Magic Superior. older generation of My little pony inferior well even I gotta agree with soundwave G4 is awesome and better music character development than the Bland Past Generation
  3. Is Scootaloo an Australian Pegasus Filly? her Father have Australian accents so scootaloo might be the first Australian Pegasus on the show.
  4. Scootaloo9074090

    Ask Scootaloo

    well am not bother by spitfire all the time because I blew a 25 point lead in super bowl. my parent aren't around because they are adventurer. because I'm 25% awesome. and my fandom for Atlanta falcons is doing good
  5. I don't know maybe something took control of pinkie pie or pinkie pie might be an insane psychopath that bake pony into cupcake
  6. Scootaloo9074090

    Ask Scootaloo

    Hey There It Scootaloo here Ever had a burning question you've wanted to ask me? Now's your chance to ask it! Just... Don't ask anything weird, okay?
  7. Scootaloo9074090

    Scootaloo Fan Club!

    look like scootaloo forgot that tank can hide his head in his shell
  8. Completely agree. It felt less "scary" and more forced than anything similar to most any of the MLP grimdark stories, including Cupcakes. Only way it could really be scary is if you look at say...Saw and see that as the most terrifying thing ever.
  9. well they did try their best at keeping her safe and they not perfect parent. well there is only creature that is amore of a parent than these two. deathstroke might not be the best parent at least he care about his family and love one and keeping them away from him so at least they can be safe. Scootaloo kind of remind of deathstroke the color orange and both strong ( well deathstroke is strong)
  10. SweetieMash YAY
  11. by simply trying to get everypony to see that pinkie pie is a murderer
  12. Scootaloo9074090

    Ask Sweetiebot

    ( robotic voice ) The song is nice and it remind how I found out I was a soulless Machine.
  13. Scootaloo9074090

    Ask Sweetiebot

    ( robotic voice) well Minecraft is my favorite video game
  14. well scootaloo is a Australian Pegasus Filly and Her mother is a Pegasus and her Father is a earth pony with Australian accent
  15. I think sweetiebelle is the strongest Filly in equestria The Face of Pure Evils will kill you with Cuteness
  16. Scootaloo9074090

    Ask Sweetiebot

    (Robotic voice) well my eye change color because of my Programing. the green is safe and the red is attack mode. (robotic voice) well I'm really good at video game
  17. Scootaloo9074090

    Ask Sweetiebot

    (Robotic Voice) hi there it Sweetiebot ask me question Rules: No hate questions against the characters. No inappropriate questions - she an Robotic kids for crying out loud!
  18. me and radiant hope are just friend
  19. I would Say I don't have a crush on you and just be friend.
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