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  1. The compensation prize achievements aka you suck so here's our pity. The don't play the game the right way achievements. Saw some youtuber looking through the trophy list of a game he was trying and one of the trophies required you to be lapped and finish last in a race. Story achievements for every single insignificant part of the story.
  2. Or corruption surrounds Hillary. What could he possibly gain from lying about that? So it was racist for the chinese to build their wall? When you come to a country illegally you are breaking a law, hence why it is called illegal immigration. Those who come in illegally don't get their records checked and as such could very well be a murderer fleeing from police, if they really want to be here they should come here the right way. Now let me ask you something, how would you feel if some random person came into your house uninvited and you have no idea what their history is? Obama raised our debt a trillion dollars doing exactly what Hillary wants to do, I would trust someone who owns a successful business empire over someone who wants to follow the steps of someone who slaughtered our economy.
  3. The investigator admitted that she did it but let her off the hook because of her status. The most racist thing trump has done is said he wants to ban all muslims. Wanting to ban illegal immigrants is not racist, it's expelling criminals.
  4. I hear this all the time but I want to know if it has any actual weight because the closest thing to racism I have observed is when he said he wanted to ban muslims, which would be prejudice not racism.
  5. I want Trump because I agree with his policies the most, Hillary is evil, and a third party candidate will never win. As for who I think will win it appears to be up for grabs but if things keep going the way they are it might be landslide Trump come November.
  6. It needs actual money? Gameloft should change their name to Greedloft
  7. How much does it cost when not on sale and where is it?
  8. She raises them to sell to the niche market that is carnivore ponies
  9. I like to imagine they have invisible fingers Would make sense based on how many times the word "hand" pops up in the show
  10. What are the shops that produce gems and what do they cost?
  11. She was in the game before the episode came out and they didn't feel like updating
  12. I'm patiently waiting for the amazon update to come out. Ever since last update the game has been unplayable with all the crashes.
  13. I have not played the eg mini game at all so I always have it open and my game still crashes