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  1. Shady Mist

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Never mind I remember the word now, it was ensemble.
  2. Shady Mist

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Sorry that this doesn't really have to do with your topic/question, but dues anypony know what the word is when a bunch of the characters sing together like "Winter Wrap Up", "AT The Gala" or, "A True True Friend" being a few examples. I just can't remember what that word is.
  3. "Sweetie Bot - A Heart's Warming Tale" https://www.fimfiction.net/story/233487/sweetie-bot-a-hearts-warming-tale It does have a number of typos, but it doesn't take away from how good it is.
  4. As Rarity said when she came to Zecora "I have no idea what happened!". She most likely didn't know, for those reasons I listed up top, as well as she didn't seem to spend much time with Philomena to find out that she was.
  5. In the episode "Molt Down" Rarity's ears became clogged by some effect of Peewee's feathers. But in season 1 and 3 "A bird in the Hoof" and "Just for Sidekicks", Celestia's pet Philomena didn't seem to have any effect on anypony including giving Fluttershy one of her feathers, and we don't see much but a few pictures of Peewee as a baby phoenix with Spike and Twilight. The possible reasons as of to why is: 1. Maybe there is a difference between wild and domesticated phoenixes, that wild phoenixes need to defend (themselves, eggs, nest, family, etc) and therefore develop genes as a defence
  6. Manely reuploading the last 3 of the CYOE (S2) shorts and have the links for the endings in the description for CYOE (S1) and (S2).
  7. There is a petition that needs more signatures to save Equestria Girls from COPPA and to "hopefully" let Hasbro to upload the rest of the EQG shorts, as well as have end screens for the Equestria Girls: Choose Your Own Ending, and reupload what was taken down/deleted from the official MLP/EQG/and Hasbro YouTube channels.
  8. I wouldn't say that, S9 more ignored his arc from "Siege of the Crystal Empire", but he could still have the same bakcstory/origin from FIENDship is Magic.
  9. Does anypony else want IDW to bring back FIENDship is Magic with an issue 6 focusing on Cozy Glow? We pretty much know nothing about her. I would love to know her backstory, how she became a villain, when/how she met/got in contact with Tirek, etc.
  10. Are there any birds that fly north for the winter? Fluttershy said in Better Together season 2 "Street Chic" that they where starting head north for the winter, but that would only make sense if they lived south of the equator, but that would contradict what Rainbowshine said in "Winter Wrap Up" that Ditzy Doo went north to get the southern birds, also during the song "Winter Wrap Up" both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy bringing home/welcome back the southern birds, and in "Tanks for the Memories" during the song "I'll Fly", Rainbow Dash turns the geese around leading them north when they were h
  11. It's okay, just in the future the way to know if i'm asking or answering in a topic is if it has a ? or a . at the end of it.
  12. I wasn't asking, I know there are a lot of reactors and reviews that always ask why in their videos and this was answering the question.
  13. AJ's countryism isn't linked to her cutie mark, its the new cutie mark that is keeping her from using them. Sense the other 5 and the other ponies in the town don't/cant use countryisms, AJ shouldn't be able to use them ether sense there all suppose to be equal.
  14. Why are no crystal ponies unicorns or pegasi? The only crystal ponies that are unicorns is Radiant Hope and Princess Amore from the comics, no other crystal ponies are unicorns nor pegasi. The crystal guard is also strange because the only crystal ponies that are guards are from the Equestria Girls movie. There are other crystal guards being pegasi but are NOT crystal ponies you can tell from their eyes they're not crystally like the crystal ponies eyes are. Also why would the Crystal Empire have guard/jousting armor that would have wing holes?
  15. The amulet the princesses made for Twilight in season 9 when she was going to take over as ruler of Equestria, did they originally have that being quickly made and infusing it with their when all magic was being drained from Equestria. Sense magical artifacts took 3 days to be drained of their magic, and the amulet could be considered as one, explaining how the day and night where changing with the princesses not having their magic.
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