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writing In the end


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If I was alive then I would be dead

That’s all I am, a breathing contradiction


Give me a reason to hold on to

If all else fails please say that it wasn’t me

Just maybe that it wasn’t my fault


Is my heart beating, or is that an echo?

Of times gone by and shattered memories


Give me a reason not to give in

But if you say nothing, I just might understand

That I am you, and you are not real


I feel like I have died, so many times before

But I am still breathing and fighting to survive


Please give me a reason not to accept it

A lonely disaster in which I have become

At least I still hold some sense of time


I feel the fire, it burns from within

It reaches out with no real direction

Planting its seeds of hate and destruction

Allowing the greed to outwiegh the love


Give me a reason

To refrain from trying


I yell disaster

And I bleed the truth

Allowing the lies to take hold of me

And nothing else matters to me anymore

For I am a living contradiction


In the end, I guess it doesn’t matter

We all die in more ways than one

We all die before its our time.



-David Favret

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