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Hello everypony!


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Hi, everypony,

I'm new here and I hope I get to know all of yous and hope I get along with you all too. My first time of being My Little Pony fan is when MLP G2 toys came out. When MLP G2 came out, the title sounds so familiar that I think I have seen the old 80s cartoon back then, but I was not sure. So I tried to collect ponies as I possibly can because there are couple of ponies I haven't buy(which I should've, but I was stingy with my money.). I hope I can hear any update with new MLP:FiM figures or other toys in this forum.

Anyhoo, I love the colors of their mane and coats and most of all I like their cutie marks. I also love the artwork of MLP:FiM, it made it way better then the old ones. I don't think they are not even trying because back then, animators were careless with their drawings... but I don't blame them because drawing horse, pony, colt and such are hard to draw. I also love to draw too. I'll posts it later.=P

That's all I can talk about myself. I hope I'll enjoy my stay. =D

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I really like your mane. :P But anyway, welcome to the forums you will enjoy your stay. =D


To show you how amazing this place can be, here is the welcoming performance!


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Welcome to the forum, welcome to the herd (if you haven't been officially welcomed).

Hopefully you will enjoy it here, it's a nice and a friendly forum. There are often topics which talk about figurines, although the best way too keep track of that are websites like Equestriadaily or other blogs. But they are discussed about on the forum, in case you would miss it.


Your OC, looks really nice btw. Look forward seeing your art on the forum, in octavia's hall. That's were art is showcased, in case you didn't know.

That's about it, see you around the forum.

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