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Hello everypony!


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Hi there, I'm a proud brony and I have decided to join here.


I am not artsy at all, so I can't really contribute any fanfiction, fanart or the like, which is a shame.


I just got Twilight Sparkle from BK the other day. Fluttershy is a bit strange, because her hair is actually covering half her face when viewed from the front. I hope they get the other three ponies some time soon, however. :) The clerk wasn't friendly at all, though.


Ideas I think should be developed, but they are early drafts:


- We should declare a day as Day of Brony Pride, like some other communities have done. Mainly for online, but people can celebrate IRL according to our maxim: Love and Tolerance. Maybe write some sort of manifesto explaining why being a brony is so awesome, some sort of commandments and rights or dunnowhat. I would suggest Oct 10, commemorative of the first airing of Friendship is Magic.


- Some cool sort of board game (I know, I know, can't be published without Hasbro, but the coolness comes from the creative process of making something work, even if we then have to remove it (which I hope doesn't happen). It should be pure co-op of 1-6 players.


Hmm, I thought I had another couple ones... we'll see if they come back to mind soon. :)

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Welcome my friend ^_^


I like your idea's, and while we may not be able to establish an international day of Brony Pride, we could probably establish one for this Forum atleast :)


I think you will fit in well here :D

If you have any problems dont be afraid to ask any question, Ill be glad to help ^_^

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Welcome to the forum family! ;)





I am not artsy at all, so I can't really contribute any fanfiction, fanart or the like, which is a shame.


I feel like everypony has something that they can contribute to the fandom. The most obvious, of course, is artists, but that doesn't mean they are any 'better' than anypony who doesn't make art. From what you've said, you seem like a person with great ideas and a great sense of pride in the community. In my humble opinion it's people like you who keep this community as awesome as it is, as my favorite part of the fandom is how friendly everyone is (it's almost like the 'don't trust ppl over the internet' propaganda nailed into people's heads by our parents doesn't apply here! :P), so you are just as awesome (if not 20% cooler than the really well-known artists).

I mean, who knows? The brony fandom started out as an idea ("Hey guys, let's check out the new My Little Pony series, and see if it's any better than the last one!"), and remains an idea ("Hey guys, we should make really cool fanart of all kinds for this show we like and be nice to every other fan of the show!"), so being somepony with really good ideas could make you the coolest person in the world...besides just being really friendly and generally awesome, which I'm sure you already are. ;)




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welcome to MLPF biggrin.png The largest, fastest-growing and friendliest brony forum out there. I hope you enjoy your stay~


Well, Thank you for the nice welcome. Where should I be posting about those ideas so that everypony else can contribute? smile.png


Your thing about Brony Pride Day would go in Sugarcube Corner, and the Board Game thing could go there, or possibly in Sugarcube's subforum, Pony Merchandise, if it's solely talking about a potential board game. That said, if you were actually looking for people to assist you in somehow making one, that may belong best in Creative Resources. I'd create the topic in whichever section you believe fits best, and it can be moved if necessary wink.png

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Well howdy! Welcome to the forums! Glad to meet ya!


You don't have to be an artsy person to join the forums, I mean I wasn't when I joined either. I mean i do attempt to make pony art, but do pretty eh at it, but you don't even have to really. Just have fun in discussions or wherever you feel you have fun in :P.


I suppose its possible to organize a brony pride day possibly on these forums, but throughout the whole community would be much harder. I'd actually try making a separate thread in sugarcube corner or something as CD mentioned. It would help to make your ideas all feel more organized I guess :P. And it could be further and better discussed there.


Anyways, hope you have fun! And if you need help with anything just ask!

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