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Howdy EveryPony! /)

Frosty Fire

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Yes, I really did say howdy, I am from Wyoming ^.^ I'm a Jr. in high school right meow and have been a brony for roughly 2 months, yeah im kinda new to this whole Brony thing, but so far I enjoy it!mellow.png


So yeah, im new here and am really looking forward to meeting some new faces derpy_emoticon1.png


My favorite pony from the mane 6 is applejackhuh.png manely cuz I can relate to her and she is the most calm of all the ponies in my opinion.

Which means my least favorite is pinkie... KUbAnTY.png I just can't stand her, although Pinkamena is kinda interesting. blink.png However my overall fav is princess luna. vsTALhM.png I do have an OC ( if you couldn't already tell by my avatar) and I really do hope to meet some people here /)

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Hi, and welcome, glad you're here. Everypony is super friendly! If you need anything, or just want to talk, send me a message anytime ^.^

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Nice to have you here Doctor Blaze! Applejacks awesome. Though she's not my favorite pony, I still love her. xD


Hope you enjoy your stay!


If you need a friend, I'm usually around. ;)

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