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Sup, Everypony!


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I just wanted to say. When I first heard about My Little Pony becoming popular, i thought everyone involved were idiots. For years, I expressed hatred for it and labelled it as "For little girls". A few days ago, I decided to give it once chance. Just so happened, It started to grow on me. Now...guess what? I'm a brony. Today, I joined this website. Please give me a chance to redeem for what I have done in the past. I promise to be a decent member of the community.

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Don't feel bad, most of us experienced some form of confusion when we first heard about the fandom.  Consider yourself already redeemed in my eyes.


Anyways, welcome to the forums, and I hope to see you around!

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[This post is hidden. No offense to anyone, but I am no longer part of the community and no longer wish to be an (active) part of the forums. I treasure the friendships I made along the way. Thank you!]

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ok so heres what you need to know

.dont clop

.do be awesome

.try contributing to the community possitively

.dont be one of the guys who goes around getting into arguements with everyone saying mlp is greater than anything to ever exist

.dont try to convert anyone

.do be 20% cooler for all you RD fan's

.do get in a fight with mike tyson, just becuase why not.

sorry if this was poorly written my kitten fell asleep on my shoulder and im trying not to wake him.

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First off, welcome laugh.png


I have to say, i can relate to being skeptical about the fandom. i believe it went something like "OK, grown men into My Little Pony? Creepy, but whatever floats their boat" 

Then, after a couple years of being neutral, i decided to watch the pilot, then the next part, then up to like episode 13 of season one.

I haven't interacted much in this fandom yet, but i see this site as a way to change that.

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