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Best program to edit music?


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Okay, I want to experiment with music editing for a personal project. I just tried garageband on a school computer, and frankly, it sucks. I had to go through a bunch of menus just to trim audio, had to find a guide just to do that actually, and when it was time to export the right button was hidden, and I'm only allowed two formats. So clearly I'm not going to be using that on my home computer....any other good options? I heard audacity was good, but music is a foreign concept to me, so how should I know?

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Mixcraft is pretty user friendly and fairly powerful for a casual program, it's one you have to buy, but it have a month long trial period so hopefully that will be enough to help you fix what you need to fix. I use it to compose, record and make all my music and I am very happy with it. It also has a nifty easy to use automaton feature for easy volume and panning adjustments among other things.

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What exactly are you looking for? A fully equipped  DAW (digital audio workstation) or something just to edit audio files?

If you're looking for a DAW, then you can use FL and Mixcraft as suggested above or Propellerhead's Reason, Ableton, etc. There is a bunch of them and they all essentially perform pretty much the same. 

If not, Adobe Audition is very capable tool for editing audio files. Though, Audacity can also get the job done.

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Pro Tools is the way to go.


It has almost every option you could want for audio editing. I myself personally don't use it but dozens of other people use it.




But if you want like a music composition software, you should get FL Studio or Reason.

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It's all a matter of opinion, but there are a small few out of the many that could be considered the best.


Propellerhead Reason

Ableton Live

Avid Pro Tools

Apple Logic Pro

Image-Line FL Studio


Some are more expensive than others, but all of them work very well and have the same basic features. Which one you pick just depends on which layout and workflow works best for you.

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