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Which drawing tablets are the best ones for someone on a bit of a budget? I know it'll probably be a couple hundred at least for a good one - I definitely want one where I can do colors and put my drawings onto the computer. I feel it's time my art entered the digital age but I'm not sure which one to get - I see a lot of people like the Bamboo variety but there's a lot of different ones to choose from.


Any input would be great! :)

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I have a Wacom intuos5 Small, and it's really very excellent. (http://www.wacom.com/en/products/intuos/small.aspx) The active surface is plenty big to be comfortable, and the pen feels very comfortable as well, and has a cool eraser function on the opposite end. It came down to that or one of the Bamboo models for me, and I chose the intuos. It's unfortunately been discontinued on Newegg, where I got it for around $210 (the Medium goes for over $300!), but it goes for $230 elsewhere, including on the Wacom site itself. You get codes for free downloads of some neat software to go along with it too. However, if you don't care about free software... would you like to buy mine? I just don't have the time and will to invest in drawing like I thought I did/would when I bought it and now it sits in my desk. I bought it in July and I've barely used it, so I'd give it to you for like $150.

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