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Planning Crash's Backstory

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Okay... backstories. Don't have much to work with besides your character's appearance, so here it goes.


At a young age, Crash recalled having a terrible father figure who encouraged him to live up to his expectations as a professional flyer. Since he couldn't meet those expectations, Crash's father pressured him even further until a crash landing nearly caused him serious injury. At that point, Crash's father turned away and lost all faith in his son, and so, Crash ran away that same moment and remained defiant of any authority figures who crossed his path.


Since then, Crash grew up independent and head strong. He cared little for what other's thought of him, but he did not forget his sympathy for lesser ponies. While he preferred to keep his sentiment behind closed doors, he decided to join a black-ops team where strictness and formalities wouldn't mean as much and he earned his bits carrying out secret missions. (If you need an explanation behind why he has no cutie mark) The busyness of his hard life distracted him from finding his cutie mark, so he lost interest in pursuing it somewhere down the line.


After black-ops finally put his life back in order... well... anything could have happened after that point.

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