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Hi There MLP fans,

  Ok so I am new and I just wanted to say hi. I live in good ol' Atx aka A-Town, or Music Capital of the World. I am excited about brony fan fair being held in ATX. I can't wait to meet some new friends!

Hope everyone's New Year has been going great.

Peace and Love,

  Little miss strange

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I liek muzik 2 lol swegg



*We regret to inform you that typing up that sentence has made ghostfacekiller39 terribly ill, and he will have to be hospitalized for quite some time to recover from the side effects of swag-itus.*




Welcome to the forums!! It's a really great place here, and there's a ton of friendly people who you'll just love. 


Atx? What's that stand for? :huh: Sounds like and interesting place, though! :D


Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay 'round these hurr parts and what not, it's an AMAZING place!! :D


Hope to see you around!!



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Well another fun, fun. fun person to EXPLODE. (JK) Welcome to the forums and everything. Where you won't have a problem relating to others around here. Littlemissstrange is you ever want a friend or someone just to talk to, I'm always available.

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Little Miss Strange walked into my parlour...


Welcome to the forums! I surmise that ATX is Austin, Texas? Is that really considered the musical capital of the world?


Well, I guess then that Texas Tea is no longer oil but instead music!

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Oh Thank you so much for all the welcoming replies! ATX is Austin, Texas. Texas Tea is still oil. Austin is considered the music capitol of the world. People come from all over the world to play at South by Southwest, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Reggae Festival, Fun Fun Fun fest, and others. It's quite a fun town if you can get past those that confuse being weird with having to be snooty. Otherwise its lots of fun. Yesterday we had a Magical Unicorn Party at Toy Joy, the best Adult and Kids toy store ever! 

I am really glad I found this site, everyone seems so sweet here. Thanks again everypony!

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