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Ask The Guy With a Bag On His Head (or his OC)


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c wat I did thur


Anyway, ask a question to me or my OC! I thought I'd do one just because.


OOC: Just type regularly to not have it as part of the question.


Me: ask me anything! Tag it with [James] and I'll take it as a question to me.


Distance Traveller: Tag as [Traveller]. This Pegasus has traveled all over Equestria, learning stories and tales, trying many new things. He's pretty clumsy and daydreams a lot so it took him a log time getting from place to place. His goal is to learn everything about Equastrua and go back home to Cloudsdale.

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[James] Who is your favorite pony out of the mane 6?


[Traveller] Have you visited Hollow Shades yet?

[James] probably Rainbow Dash, because I'm a huge Pegasus fan, and she's pretty cool. I also really like Applejack. We have a lot in common. Fluttershy would probably be third, with Rarity and Twilight tiring for fifth.


[Traveller] Yeah! They seemed pretty friendly, but they were a small community. I only got to stay a few hours though. I had to keep moving for a mail job I had taken. But id really like to go back someday!

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Dear Delernil, have you ever watched Wreck it Ralph? If so did you like it?

Yes I have. I did like it, though it wasn't my favorite. My video game bias probably made me like it more.
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