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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony


How did you find MLP Forums?

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash

How did you find MLP Forums?: I did a google search for 'Brony Forums' because I wanted to meet other MLP fans. This forum was the first result.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I found a Youtube video called "Death Battle: Starscream VS. Rainbow Dash". After watching it, I decided to check out the cartoon itself, and found the first two episodes of Season 1.And that was that.

I'd rather not say that much about myself at first, at least not until I get to know this forum and its inhabitants a little better.

For now, I can say that I live in Saxony, Germany, but I was born in the US of A and still have 100% US citizenship and stuff.

I must admit, when I first heard about bronies, I thought they were weirdos, so I did not investigate any further - it took the Youtube video I mentioned above to awaken my curiosity. But I'm a full-blown fan now, and I am no longer afraid to say so. This cartoon gives me something to look forward to on Saturdays, something to help me get through long weeks at college, and I love it. 


Well, I gotta go now because of college work, but I'll be back soon and see about exploring this place a little more. It does look very interesting.



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Welcome to the site ^_^

Its a pleasure to meet you and welcome you to our little corner of the internet filled with colourful equines :3

If you have any questions you'd like answered, dont be afraid to ask. The staff and members here are always willing to help ^_^

Please enjoy your time here :3

Also what course are you taking in college?

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Plenty of fans to meet here, so no worries about that. Welcome! ^^


Yeah, I know the video you're talking about. Funny that it enticed you to try the show, when I know some people who were just infuriated that Starscream didn't destroy RD. My first experience with MLP and the fandom was on another forum when some guy there got himself a Fluttershy avatar and told everyone to give the show a try. Most scoffed. A few others and I did try it without any preconceptions, and I'm glad for that. Made many wonderful friends over the past two years and went to BronyCon twice. I daresay it's the best thing that's happened to me. Twilight is my favorite, by the way, if the avatar and signature hadn't given it away already.



College can be a real drag sometimes. The work never seems to end. To echo DR up there, what are you going for?

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Welcome to MLP Forums! You are going to love it on this site, and I hope to see you around! :D


Have a cupcake!


Er. ur cupcakes have just too much squee in them

New desktop backround btw :P

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Thanks for the warm welcome and the cupcakes! *NOM NOM NOM*


I'm taking a course in computer science, but it's a type of dual course which I believe doesn't really exist outside mainland Europe.

The way it works is like this: I study at an academy for three months, then work with an IT company for three months (like in an internship), then it's another three months of studying and so on. It lasts three years, and you get a Bachelor's degree at the end.

You're right, Artemis. It does seem rather tough at times, especially right now at the beginning. But it does have some advantages: I get paid 400 € a month after taxes/insurance (all year long, not just during the work phases), I get some nice practical experience, and I might even be able to go to work right away when I finish - I've heard rumors that the demand for IT people is so high that companies don't wait for you to call them, instead they contact you and ask when you have time for an interview, because they want you! I don't know if this is true, but there a lot of other benefits from a job in IT - good pay, practical and interesting work, and no threat of your career going extinct - not in a million years!


But yes, the cartoon does help me with the tough times. I have a bunch of pictures and comics from deviantArt saved on my laptop, and I often look at the feel-good ones when I'm feeling blue. It's also nice to be able to look forward to a new episode on Saturday - I'm really interested in the next one (Rainbow Falls), because it features my favorite Mane 6 pony, and because I've heard there's gonna be a big and shocking surprise. 


Now, I think I'll go explore the forums some more. Maybe I'll start with the episode discussions - I wanna see what other people have to say about some of my favorites.

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