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MLP Forums Fun Fact!

Skinny Shadowy


Maybe it's a fact :lol: I'm not sure but I kinda figured it out just through observation.


Did you know that you can go to your profile on here and see which number your account was that signed up, chronologically?


For example, the URL for my page is mlpforums.com/user/6322-space-woona/


The 6322 in the URL tells me that I was the 6,322nd member to sign up for the forums.


Obviously, the number in Feld0's URL will be 1 as he created this place. Naturally, his account would be the first.


My number being only 6322 and there now being more than 20,000 members kinda says something as to how old my account is. That there were only 6,321 other members here when I signed up :lol: I guess you could say I'm one of the older members


I noticed this. It seemed like this number appeared in every profile URL and that it was smaller for older members and larger for newer members. So just by putting 2 and 2 together, I figured that it tells you which member you were to sign up.

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hmm... i see what you mean i wonder if the number in the blog urls say the number of blogs that have been made

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I was 6246 and yeah your right that is pretty neat I have known about it for a while. But when you stop and think just how many people have made accounts here its crazy actually.

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@@Gone Airbourne Right? I don't feel like I've been a member that long. Especially since I've been on Facebook for 5 years now. But it's weird to think that newest member's number is 24853 (because I'm sure the member counter at the bottom of the home page doesn't count users who were permabanned). I was number 6,322. That mean that 18,000 accounts have been created since I joined. It's crazy and awesome :)


@@Sugar Cube That's incredible! I really wish I would have got into this show sooner! Oh well :derp:

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I'm number 208. Not many people can top that. ;)


I'm 53, beat that, joined on the day forums started :3

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