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  1. Good day all. I'm happy to bring this five minute video to those that have any interest in fandom religious related things. This is NOT and over the top video. I genuinely wrote some sincere words. May they bring something better to your day. Thanks for watching.
  2. Twilight Circuits

    Brony as a Religion

    Does anyone in here actually know my scripture actually comes from the show...?
  3. Twilight Circuits

    Brony Attacked for Wearing a Pony Shirt

    From what i gather he genuinely was from out of town and technically lost so the situation was real. The brony story was fake, and yeah, it's like shit Tyrone, get it together. I found a 1" wrench in my tool box today. Fancy that. I can carry a tool around to fix things that are broken. Never know when a femur or tibia are in disrepair.
  4. Twilight Circuits

    Brony Attacked for Wearing a Pony Shirt

    It's been debunked. THe images are real but the story was faked. Sucks to be that guy no doubt. I just wanna know who the heck thought it was a good idea fabricate a brony related story out of it. That... makes for a stupid move that's... bad for business...
  5. Twilight Circuits

    Guitarist looking for musicians to colab on fan fiction stuff

    There's guitar parts and peices in it. I send you a PM cause it's also kinda a personal project. Tell me what you think .
  6. Twilight Circuits

    What to go to college for in todays enviroment

    Well then. I guess my recommendation was right in the ball park field.
  7. Twilight Circuits

    What to go to college for in todays enviroment

    Pardon my ignorance but what's a STEM degree? I do have a suggestion actually. I recommend you get into the field of the genetics and DNA/RNA based sciences. That is simply the next generation of a scientific frontier. I'm 38, so when I've been around a while... Take into the consideration in views on certain worldly trends. It's not something I'm just randomly throwing in here in an effort to pretend to be helpful.
  8. Twilight Circuits

    Why I brohoof posts?

    *sigh* Pony, first you made a thread about brohoofing. Now a blog post about brohoofing. Next we're probably going to hear about how you broke down and brohoofed some pony across the face cause you like his muscular jaw line. (I jest )
  9. Twilight Circuits

    Apathy towards people and humanity...

    I'm 38. Majority of the fandom is half my age. It's not so much realizing how alone one is, but how much wiser enough you become, so one can see how little wisdom one had when they were younger, and yet thought themselves to know it all.
  10. Twilight Circuits

    Equestria is real... No seriously.

    There's this similar thing that you might have heard about. It's called prophecy.
  11. Twilight Circuits

    Dirty Joke Thread

    I'm sure it is. It's just not my kind of water.
  12. Twilight Circuits

    Dirty Joke Thread

    Yeah... It worked that time... I smiled... the *sighing* kind of smile but I smiled.
  13. Twilight Circuits

    Dirty Joke Thread

    Not sure what's wrong but the pic never loads.
  14. Twilight Circuits

    Dirty Joke Thread

    Oh please... If really wanted a dirty joke I'd just see what US politics are up to lately.
  15. Twilight Circuits

    How close are you to leaving the fandom?

    I have all sorts of reason for leaving the fandom that I don't feel like talking about. I'll still the be awesome pony that I am. I just won't concern myself much with fandom activities but naturally I'm going to watch the show. It's kinda of my job description and I'm not about to talk about that either. 7 brohoofs remaining so I come closer but I'm still on the fence about it.