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  1. Good day all. I'm happy to bring this five minute video to those that have any interest in fandom religious related things. This is NOT and over the top video. I genuinely wrote some sincere words. May they bring something better to your day. Thanks for watching.
  2. This is my response to YOU:

  3. tomorrow. 9 am. My first Church sermon video for the fandom goes online. [/anoucement]

  4. Just like I thought. None of you give a shit. q

  5. No, I'm not a failure or a loser. I'm a winner. Bye.

  6. I'm sorry, that only applied during the time the counter was up. It no longer applies.

  7. I'm sorry, that only applied during the time the counter was up. It no longer applies.

  8. Does anyone in here actually know my scripture actually comes from the show...?
  9. I left surprise in my profile. Return here to comment.

  10. Best. Sleep. Ever. Morning my little ponies.

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    2. Mrbrunoh1


      cool you have a Youtube channel xD

    3. Twilight Circuits

      Twilight Circuits

      yeah I got a new show coming


    4. Mrbrunoh1


      its interesting, I was thinking of doing a post for my speed arts '-'

  11. Best. Sleep. Ever. Morning my little ponies.

  12. From what i gather he genuinely was from out of town and technically lost so the situation was real. The brony story was fake, and yeah, it's like shit Tyrone, get it together. I found a 1" wrench in my tool box today. Fancy that. I can carry a tool around to fix things that are broken. Never know when a femur or tibia are in disrepair.
  13. It's been debunked. THe images are real but the story was faked. Sucks to be that guy no doubt. I just wanna know who the heck thought it was a good idea fabricate a brony related story out of it. That... makes for a stupid move that's... bad for business...