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  1. Oops my apologies, I didn't see this one, thank you It's cool that we had the same idea Twi Rubix Two minds really do think alike eh?
  2. True or when Spike says why do you all look so 'grey' in the the Discord episodes, can't remember what they are called but you know what i mean.
  3. Yeah you guys are probably right the Pinkie Sense does make the most sense. Do you guys think it's also Pinkie just being Pinkie when she says you have a twin and a dog named Spike? or that is really true? Well I'm off for the night. Goodnight everypony
  4. Hey i was wondering..What is with Pinkie Pie? How does she know what's going on? I know she tends to break the fourth wall, but maybe Pony-Pinkie somehow jumped into the portal when everyone was asleep? Theories? And i mean when Pinkie 'guesses' that Twilight is a pony princess from another dimension ect. Also when at the very end Pinkie 'guesses' about Flash Sentry with the guitar ect.. Thoughts?
  5. Eep! Cartoons are licking me..IM GOING CRAZY!!
  6. Zac

    Hi! New here :D

    Hey there! welcome to our humble hang /) <-- brohoof!!! But yeah welcome i hope you have a great time here!
  7. Zac

    Roll out the red carpet! ;D

    Welcome ONE OF US! ONE OF US! But seriously welcome to an epic experience of the internet!
  8. Zac

    Wanted to Join.

    Welcome to our humble hang But really, I only joined this site a few days ago, AND IT IS AWESOME! The people(ponies) are awesome! JUST EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Anyway welcome to an epic place
  9. I would like to join as a voice actor I would prefer to be a male pony ( I'm a 14 year guy btw ) I have a half decent mic and alot of free time ahah But I can't edit animate and draw for the life of me so i would need someone to do that for me :/ But I would LOVE to Voice act for this sounds cool
  10. Zac

    Hello Everypony ^.^

    Thanks everypony And yup i sent a request I can tell this is gonna be AWESOME EDIT: Of this post i am now a muffin
  11. Zac

    What will Twilight control?

    I think she will be the Princess that controls..Friendship Considering the show is based of the magic of friendship, although it would be Magic aswell! I have no idea MAYBE EVEN BOTH ?
  12. Zac

    Hello Everypony ^.^

    Ooh I'm a gamer I am a nerd I my favourite game series is The Legend of Zelda, my favourite game of all time being: The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. I love Pokemon <3 The mane ( ) reason why i joined this site is because i wanted to meet people that also love MLP: FiM without getting insulted :/ Thanks I hope to meet you all Also if you don't mind... Can someone please make me a display picture/avatar? I would like it to have: 1: An Alicorn's body ( like Twlilight's NOT Celestia/Luna/Cadance ) 2: A light flesh coloured body 3: The mane being like Pinkie Pies ( but blonde ) 4: The Cutie Mark being the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda franchise ( please make it like the original yellow ) 5: Hazel Coloured eyes Thank you SO much to whoever makes this <3 Bye Thanks Amaris NSane alot I think we are gonna be besties ahah I'm surprised to find someone responded this quickly Nice meeting you by the way
  13. Zac

    Hello Everypony ^.^

    Hey there I'm Zac! My favourite of the Mane Six is either Fluttershy or Pinkiepie (Impossible to choose ) My favourite villain is Discord And my favourite background pony is Derpy Hooves Nice meeting ya'll ( applejack voice ) Talk to you guys later