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  1. Today is my 1 year anniversary of first watching My Little Pony. :D Not to mention todays Finale was AMAZING!!!

    1. SCS


      That's awesome man :) I agree that today's finale was amazing :D

    2. SCS


      well yesterday's for me, at this point.

  2. Gahh.. so..much..homework >.>

  3. Oh wow i barely ever go on this. My last message was from November 10 2013 :o. Anyway how is everyone?

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    2. Zac


      Hahaha fair enough mate, goodluck with the insomnia :D

    3. Twilight Circuits

      Twilight Circuits

      woohoo! I managed to get sleep. lol

    4. Zac


      Yay! That's awesome ^.^

  4. So how is everypony?

  5. Brother and dad still bagging me for being a brony *sigh*

  6. Just told my family I'm a brony..I wish it went better :/

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    2. DaReaper


      All older brothers are like that, mune was bad till my neice was watching it with me

    3. repsol rave

      repsol rave

      Glad to see you're taking the high road about all this. Just give them some time let it sink in. Brony on bro!

    4. Zac


      Yeah older brothers can be annoying reaper :/. Not to mention i have not niece to help me :P

      And repsol, i try to keep on the brighter side of things and yeah, time seems good.



  7. Night everypony :)

  8. Oops my apologies, I didn't see this one, thank you It's cool that we had the same idea Twi Rubix Two minds really do think alike eh?
  9. True or when Spike says why do you all look so 'grey' in the the Discord episodes, can't remember what they are called but you know what i mean.
  10. Yeah you guys are probably right the Pinkie Sense does make the most sense. Do you guys think it's also Pinkie just being Pinkie when she says you have a twin and a dog named Spike? or that is really true? Well I'm off for the night. Goodnight everypony
  11. Hey i was wondering..What is with Pinkie Pie? How does she know what's going on? I know she tends to break the fourth wall, but maybe Pony-Pinkie somehow jumped into the portal when everyone was asleep? Theories? And i mean when Pinkie 'guesses' that Twilight is a pony princess from another dimension ect. Also when at the very end Pinkie 'guesses' about Flash Sentry with the guitar ect.. Thoughts?
  12. New updated ponyzac :)

  13. Goodnight Everypony :D

  14. Goodnight everypony ^.^

    1. AmarisNsane


      Goodnight! Rest well and sweet dreams! :3

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