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No review this week

Dark Qiviut


As fun as reviewing FIM episode’s is, sometimes you just don’t have the interest every now and then and wanna take a little break.

  1. I already commented what I wanted to comment regarding The Last Crusade (which ain’t much), and others have already filled in thoughts similar to mine. If others did so already, then I’m parroting.
  2. It’s fun to be featured in Loganberry’s Text Review Roundups every week, but getting them done early enough means sometimes wanting to write large chunks deep into the night, and that’s not good. I already commented and apologized for screwing up to reach a “deadline,” and I’m now more careful in crafting them and editing them far better. But yeah, it still feels good and exciting to see your hard work on other platforms. Unfortunately, now I’m starting to feel like my review quality’s beginning to slip (I rewrote most of my Student Counsel review for my blog, because my original was mostly a recap instead of an analytical breakdown), and I’ve been getting Writer’s Block when starting my reviews.
  3. Also, I don’t have the time for most of this week and wanna use a chunk of it for exercise, resting my bum ankle, attending a play, and catching up on the new DuckTales.

So, I won’t review Last Crusade this week. I’m the last regular FIM review blogger for this forum. I neither wanna drop that to zero nor publish content without assuring I’m doing my best. Hopefully, a week off to recover and put no pressure on myself will help once Between Dark and Dawn airs on DF this Saturday.

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Taking a break would be a good idea, writing when you don't feel like it will only make you extremely frustrated. I hope it all goes well for you :adorkable:

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Huh, I’d thought you’d have something really insightful to say about “The Last Crusade” like you usually do. Maybe a couple more rewatches later will inspire you. 

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Well, take your time, maybe you will find something interesting to say after the break, The Last Crusade is your favorite episode, right?:rarity:

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7 hours ago, Lambdadelta said:

Well, take your time, maybe you will find something interesting to say after the break, The Last Crusade is your favorite episode, right?:rarity:

love Last Crusade! Not my favorite of the series, but my favorite of the season thus far, and I argue (barely) the best of the season, too.

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