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Interview with Arylett Dawnsborough!



For those interested in joining our forum but nervous about the mod staff for any reason, fret not! After this interview, you shall see that our mod staff on Mlpforums is the best of the best :3


Today I have with me one of the Global Moderators from MlpForums, Arylett Dawnsborough.

A little bit of information about yourself before we begin Arylett?


Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, I'm Arylett, as you've just said... and I'm head of RP World on the forums. 20 years old, looking to get into Graphic Design in college, and Fluttershy is my favorite pony. :D


CronaTheCritic: Alrighty then! Let's get this interview on the road then!

What we're going to be doing here is that I am going to be asking Arylett a few questions, and we shall talk about her answers!

Now, let us begin!


Question 1: A simple question, really. As you stated before, Fluttershy is your favorite pony. Care to tell us the reasons for this?


Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, I liked Fluttershy the first moment I saw her when I was still cynical about the show and scoping out why everyone was going all nuts about it. She to me is a realistic depiction of a shy person, and I've always been rather shy and not too outspoken for most of my life. She reminds me a lot of myself, even if most would say I'm more like a Twilight Sparkle.


CronaTheCritic: And why, in your opinion, do people say you are more like a Twilight Sparkle?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I presume because of how detailed I appear in the way I speak on the internet. My infamous walls of text probably make them think of crazy Twilight and her meticulousness.


CronaTheCritic: That would being us to our next question then!


Question 2: Can you tell us the exact reasons you enjoy making such long walls of text?


Arylett Dawnsborough: It's not really that I make them on purpose... I intend to say something short, and then it just kind of turns long so I assume it's a wall of text. My mind has a lot of thoughts and it never seems to have a shortage of words. Making me rather long-winded. :P


CronaTheCritic: I would say you've gathered quite the reputation for these dubbed "walls of text". Would you say you like this reputation?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I don't mind one way or another, if I'm honest. It's just another avenue for more silliness.


CronaTheCritic: That is a nice point! :P


Question 3: Tell us, when you first joined the forum, did you ever expect to become a moderator?


Arylett Dawnsborough: No way! I just joined it because I was looking for more friends and ponies was something I liked to talk about. Didn't know how long I'd even stay there.


CronaTheCritic: Why do you think you were considered as a moderator, in your opinion?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I'm not really certain as I wasn't there as long as some members. I think I caught their attention somehow with my wordiness. Apparently, people think I sound smart... oh and how I used to spend a lot of time in the chat. I was only originally modded to watch it and it just escalated from there.


CronaTheCritic: Would you say you enjoy being a moderator?


Arylett Dawnsborough: Most of the time, yes.


CronaTheCritic: Try not to go into details, but are there any negatives to being a moderator?


Arylett Dawnsborough: Yes, as there are negatives to anything. People get heated up when you make a big decision, can't please everyone, and sometimes you have a lot to clean up.


CronaTheCritic: I could totally understand that part about people being heated up easily!


Question 4: Here is a big question most "bronies" seem to throw around a lot, and receives TONS of hate from the fanbase. I would like to know your opinion on the dubbed subgroup, the "Cloppers".


Arylett Dawnsborough: I don't mind them, really. Whatever floats your boat. There's all sorts of things on the internet. The human mind is a weird, complex, ugly, and all simultaneously beautiful thing. It's interesting.


CronaTheCritic: Do you think it is right for them to receieve the amount of hate that they do?


Arylett Dawnsborough: No. Don't think it's right to treat anyone like that if they're not harming anything. But I can see why that would bother some people.


CronaTheCritic: I see why it could harm people as well, but in my honest opinion, no other fanbase recieves this much hate for their subsections. (Besides the big obvious one.)

In a fanbase built around a motto of "Love and toleration", do you think that we (as a fanbase) truly follow it?


Arylett Dawnsborough: No, but humanity isn't really made to follow that motto in the first place. It has too much of a balance of positivity and negativity. I myself don't believe in it or think anyone should follow it just because they watch ponies.


CronaTheCritic: And that is why I stopped trying to follow that motto long ago. Nice to see that my views are shared on this matter. Moving on though.


Question 5: Are you excited for season 3? Why/Why not?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I'm neutral about it. It's not something I'm EXTREMELY excited about, since I usually have to wait for things. I can wait, but I am looking forward to see how they'll top Canterlot Wedding.


CronaTheCritic: Do you believe that the season will be for better or for worse with only 13 episodes?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I honestly have no clue. Have to wait and see. :)


Question 6: If you could teleport yourself into Equestira, would you? Why/Why not?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I would if it were temporary and I could return home afterwards. (Or if it were permanent and I could take people important to me without losing my memory.) Under other circumstances, no though. I wouldn't want to leave my loved ones behind for anything. And if I were a pony, well, I kind of do like to be human. But it would be interesting to become one, that's for sure.


CronaTheCritic: If you were to become a pony, what species do you believe you would be?


Arylett Dawnsborough: Unicorn, of course. My ponysona is basically myself as a pony, so I'd look like that.


CronaTheCritic: And why do you enjoy the unicorn race, exactly?


Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, I prefer earth ponies, actually. But I do enjoy them because magic is interesting and I think it would be more fitting for me seeing as how mental I seem to be, and I've always wanted to be a sorceress with magical powers.


CronaTheCritic: That raises another nice question to ask! While you were in Equestria, what job would you do?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I'd just be a simple artist. Making drawings using the illusion abilities my OC has that allow her thoughts to manifest as illusions, then putting them on paper. Maybe a flower girl on the side. :P


CronaTheCritic: Hehe, that sounds like a nice live to live :P

I could see that happening, honestly!


Question 7: What do you think of MlpForums?


Arylett Dawnsborough: MLP Forums is pretty great! (Heh, of course a /mod/ would say that. XD Why else would I be modding it and taking my time if I didn't like it though?) Has a wide variety of people, less flamers and drama than most places on the internet, and I really like the fact that it lacks that sort of snobby elitism I've seen in some places.


Question 8: Well, we've been seeing this said by many members by now, and I'm sure we all want to hear an opinion of someone respected int he community. Do you think the forum has changed since you joined?


Arylett Dawnsborough: Yes. They've changed quite a bit... grown larger, bit more impersonal, faster... that sort of thing.

CronaTheCritic: I won't press much further than that.


Question 9: What do you think of Feld0 as an admin?


CronaTheCritic: And don't be afraid just because he is your boss :P


Arylett Dawnsborough: Well, he's pretty good at advertising and attracting a variety of people, as well as getting a clean good product out there. He's also good at communicating in a rather professional and quelling other's fears. And not afraid to be whimisical! Probably a lot better than I could be.


CronaTheCritic: I could agree completely :P

Well, last question. This one, I would like to see your complete honesty on.


Question 10: How long do you think the forum will last?


Arylett Dawnsborough: I can't say, as I've never been too good at determining things like this. I can see it lasting at least for another year for sure with the momentum it has. It really depends on how long the pony fandom as a whole would last as well, since people being all excited about ponies is what keeps it alive. Beyond that... it's a mystery to me.

CronaTheCritic: As for me, I honestly don't see us lasting much longer past our one year, at least not with our original members.

Well, thank you for taking the time to answer questions for us Arylett!


Arylett Dawnsborough: You're welcome!


CronaTheCritic: It's been quite the interview! Probably my most interesting yet!


Arylett Dawnsborough: I'm glad to hear that. :D


Thanks for reading you guys! I have one more celebratory post after this!


If you enjoyed this interview, don't forget to comment, broohoof and follow my blog :3

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I HOPE we survive longer than a year. Such a good site and community deserve no less in my opinion.

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I'd hope we last more than a year. I know it'll take a hell of a lot to get me to leave this site :)

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Guys, I meant the originals will probably all leave :P

Who needs originals when you can have second gen people like meeeeeeeeeee?

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Doctor who is actually very old.

Knight Rider is also pretty old, and let's face it-the new series aren't exactly great.

Deus ex is also old.

MacGyver isn't exactly new either

Tribes are old...


My point is, the communities around old yet great stuff still exist, even after soooo many years! Good stuff is still popular. Ponies will surely become culture treasure (or how to say it). Love and tolerance will find it's way...

I say 20 years at least.

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MLP Forums only has a year of life left in it?


So much for the bill I prepaid for 2014 to save nearly 50%. :(

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