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My Company's Indie Game Development Progress



Hey guys and gals! I am just wishing to borrow a moment of your time to get some of your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on some of my crew's work!


I work for Toxic-Creativity, a small comic-book and video-game company that is currently in the progress of making 2 video games and 2 comic-books. We've hit a few bumps along the way but things are finally getting worked on in a speedy manner.



I would be ever so honored if you would take the time to swing over to our DA page and flip through our galleries. We have models of ships, completed levels and concept work, some pics of our personal independent work, and more!


And if you like us, please comment, or even better, watch us! (It can even be as little as a journel watch :D we'd just appreciate the support). Seriously my friends, it would be so amazing if you gave us the teensiest of peaks :D I promise you will not be disappointed in what we are bringing to the table!




Some previews of what you'll see inside (full sizes on the site)





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