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WiiU picking up steam...but not where you may think



here are too many games! Just too many games! The list of indie devs jumping on board with the Wii U is growing with each passing month, and this trailer is a compilation of a majority of those games that will be coming out either by the end of this year or during the first half of 2014! Also included are the physical games that will be coming out as well!



While the physical discs are still lacking at the moment, we are going to be too engrossed in the Wii U eShop to care!


For those who do not know, Nintendo has been doing everything in their power to embrace Indie Devs. They are allowing Unity, UnReal, HTML5, FLASH, IoS, and Android engines for their e-shop. They are also allowing Indie developers to set their own prices and make their own sales (Ala STEAM's policies). Nintendo is also refusing to chage Indie developers $$ to patch and update their games (Something Xbox Live did a lot of).


Also, it has been confirmed that almost 1000 indie developers, programmers, and app makers are signing onto Nintendo's WiiU and 3DS platforms. Nintendo has been really fighting to make things better for the Indie developers and they have recently announced that official Licensed WiiU Indie developers will be getting Unity Pro FOR FREE (a 1,500$ value!) to help them get their games off the ground. Furthermore, the WiiU's dev kit has been lowered to 7,000$ (as opposed to the PS3's 500,000$ Dev kit!)


So while the media is focused on demonizing Nintendo and proclaiming the end of the company, Indie Developers are saying otherwise.


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Indie may be the way forward, I wonder if it's possible they can produce "Killer Apps".

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